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Pleasure Mapping

Added: April 12, 2021 | Runtime: 14:25 | 9,126 views

A playful couple explore each other’s bodies with a variety of touches and different levels of intensity. Touches can range from soft strokes on the cheek, to a punch on the chest, to licking and blowing on the hole. The idea of this Tantric exercise is to find the ecstatic and sensuous “hot spots” on your partner’s body and how best to please them.

In this video, one partner “pleasure maps” the other. He tells him that he’ll touch different parts of his body in different ways, at that he rates the pleasure on a scale of 1 to 10, ten being what feels the best.

After completing the pleasure map, the two guys engage with each other in ways that incorporate all of the spots that felt the best.

Video concept by Will Tantra: https://linktr.ee/tantricfitness

Recent Comments:
Wow. That was an interesting concept. Intense tension buildup. Your lighting techniques are phenomenal. The lighting of this scene made it warm and inviting. Nice background too. I have never seen a ball sack that can stretch like Pierce's, amazing. It is so hot to see two dicks being masturbated and sucked together. I like the way the penis heads were given emphasis. Tanner should give us lessons on how to condition your body for self sucking. I have always wanted to be able to suck my own dick but that isn't possible. To be masturbated by another guy is so intense and relaxing at the same time. I was curious about Pierce's orgasm. It was intense and a 10 as he said but I did not see any ejaculate at all. Did Tanner just completely swallow it or was it like an intense dry orgasm. Great video Davey.
O! I wish that he would suck my low hangers 😛
wow! this was hot. i loved it when the one guy was sucking both cocks at once. They need to cum both at sam time all over his face
Frottage or frotting* is always fun--stroking cocks together.in foreplay. I love the way he consumes his lover's sacred white nectar! *from the French frotter (to rub)
When Tannor was sucking Pierce’s balls I lost it! And then when he started sucking both cocks I lost it again! Two orgasms in one video. So fucking hot. Thank you, Davey. And the setting and lighting were perfect.
Ah that pure white cum! How I want it myself!

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