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Playing It Straight

Added: September 27, 2021 | Runtime: 12:52 | 17,747 views

John Bronco isn't your typical straight guy.

In this film, watch a masculine straight man move beyond stereotypes and generalizations to come to a realization that could empower men everywhere: Pleasure does not have a sexual orientation.

It's time to free your mind - and your body - from hang ups and limitations.

Video concept by Finn Deerhart: Http://www.finndeerhart.com

Recent Comments:
Great Video Davey and Team. Liked the concept. And John wasn't hard to look at either. why can't people understand that prostrates don't have an orientation, and only those straight or gay who are not accessing them for pleasure are the ones missing out. 'nough said.
Seeing John with Jkab Ethan Dale on Only Fans seems to indicate that he is far from straight !
Davey Wavey
He's straight, but does gay-for-pay content. He's only attracted to women.
I love a world that has no limitations about pleasure. Watching porn for so many years makes me able to discern who is REALLY feeling it. That means very little passes the litmus test, regardless of how hot the models are or how hot the takes are.......and this one gets high marks.
I love this guy. He seems to be open mind and this turns me on. Muak John !!!
Amazing concept, and I like how it immediately transforms your own frustration about his straightness into permission for you to have your own pleasure, and take responsibility for that. - Sam
Eirrab 27/10/21 These rigid labels do not help. Not all guys who go into bathhouses or gay saunas would own the label "Gay". I made that assumption for many years, A younger generation's fluidity in such matters is to be welcomed.

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