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Pelvic Thrust

Added: May 22, 2023 | Runtime: 13:22 | 24,811 views

Pelvic Thurst is an experimental instructional video with unique artistic choices around cinematography and editing by director Travis Matthews (know for Interior. Leather Bar.)

Instead of the usual pumping motion that most of us use for masturbation, this scene demonstrates a different technique that more closely mimics actual fucking - and that can decondition cocks which have become desensitized.

Recent Comments:
This is a vintage unreleased Himeros.tv film from the vault! I have a few scenes from our earlier Himeros.tv shoots that I'll be releasing from time to time.
Music sorta takes away from this video.
My Dearest Mr. Wavey, I just watched your backstage video pertaining to this video. I have a few words to say about your voiceover. I wish you could do it more. You have a very relaxing soft spoken voice that in my thoughts is perfection for certain videos. I'm serious about that. I don't understand the people who don't like it. It is a soft, sexy pleasing voice that puts you at ease. As far as this video, I definitely see how changing up masturbation techniques keeps things fresh and pelvic thrusting is a great tool to have in the tool box. I usually thrust my hips up while on my back. But most times I just like to lay back and totally relax and have some quality hand to penis play time. I mix it up hand thrusting and then just stroking, especially after a long day and my energy level is down. Sometimes at night after a long day and tired I have actually dozed off momentarily while stroking and woke up with a soft penis in my hand then I pick back up. It is all so relaxing and nothing gives you a good nights sleep like a spent penis.
Thank you Davey! I enjoyed that and would .Iike to see more of your vintage videos.
The color offset and distorted sound creatively give us a sense of the model's fantasy, (although I find the effect creates a faint sense of nausea in me). In general, I find that your more recent videos are better at finding a good balance between instructional/informational content and porn content. Some of the earlier ones, for me, sometimes felt like the instructional content did not integrate well with the porn visuals creating something of a parody or pastiche--another excuse to create the porn. That is sexy and fine of course, but I am enjoying how you are deepening the integration between the two in more recent work from my perspective. I would put "Pelvic Thrust" somewhere in a transitional period.
Davey Wavey
Haha, I love it. A "transitional" phase film. Yes, it's true. We don't really create videos like this anymore.

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