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Open Me Up

Added: July 2, 2018 | Runtime: 08:01 | 13,179 views

Watch Davey and friends discuss Open Me Up on Himeros LIVE, our weekly podcast.

In porn, we’re accustomed to seeing huge dicks fucking tight holes - but rarely do we see how to open a bottom up, before he gets fucked. This video will show techniques and strategies to prepare a bottom for penetration.

It’s important to know that there’s an inner and outer sphincter muscle. The outer sphincter can be controlled voluntarily, but the inner sphincter… located about an inch and a half inside the anus - is involuntary, and it takes time for it to release.

By using the six tools in this video, you’ll be able to open both sphincters and facilitate anal play that makes everyone happy. The tools are connection, communication, lube, fingers, tongues… and teasing.

Connection goes a long way. It helps your partner relax, and a relaxed mind translates to a relaxed ass. Engage in foreplay. The more your bottom wants it, the easier it will be.

Encourage communication with your partner. As you begin to play with his ass, check in about what’s working and what isn’t. Ask what feels good.

Similarly, if you are the bottom, express the pleasure you’re experiencing - and, if something hurts, speak up. If it hurts, you’re doing it wrong.

The tongue is a wonderful tool for relaxing a bottom’s ass. Because it is soft, the tongue won’t penetrate the anus - but it can be extremely hot and make the bottom want more.

Because the ass doesn’t self-lubricate, finding a good lube is essential. Be generous with it. And reapply often.

While toys are great, you need not look any further than your own fingers. Make sure your nails aren’t long or sharp and that you’ve cleaned your hands. Trace your lubed finger around the bottom’s hole. Massage his ass lightly and circle his opening. The opening is very sensitive and has many nerve endings. Delight all of them! Also use your finger to press lightly against the opening. Just some slight pressure to get him excited. Finally, begin to tease his ass with light penetration. At first, just the very tip of your finger. See how easily it goes in… if you feel resistance, use the previous tools. As you tease a bit deeper, start using the head of your cock. Tease his hole with your dick. Maybe even slip in the tip.
Recent Comments:
Love this! Thank you for helping guys to understand their needs and how to express them!
Oh how I wish i would have had this instruction many years ago. You are not only instructing your viewers on how to have good sex, you are instructing viewers on how to make love. Kindness, tenderness, playfulness, passion . . . who would have thought that all these things go together and yes, even kinkiness can be enjoyed in a loving way. Oops, I said love twice in this paragraph, my bad!:)
Good video, but show some penetration and for god's sake get some sexy underwear. My grandfather wore fruit of the loom! Try Cock sox or N2N!!
So sensual is the male ass! Our tongues and fingers explore what our cocks in time will penetrate--putting our sword in our lover's scabbard.
Great, and as the others say, wish we saqw this years ago. BUT it would be slicker if the models shaved a little!
Is there's any instruction gay men need, this is it -- well done. Because anal penetration can be so unpleasant if not done well, it's more about connection and generosity than any other sex act. Porn always shows the top pounding the bottom -- the bottom submitting to the top. But in a real relationship, the top's job is to take care of and pleasure the bottom -- the top is in service to the bottom. This video could go further by spending a lot of time with finger penetration -- in and out, circling around, multiple fingers, pressing against the sphincter and the prostate-- which is a huge pleasure in itself, for both the top and the bottom.
Ahhhh fiquei decepcionado! Deveriam terminar o vídeo com a penetração e instruções. E como penetrar com o pau.
I like this video. It was very hot. And, of course, instructional. But I had to laugh... The bottom is supposed to be as relaxed as possible and I can't think of a less relaxing place than the dining room table! LOL. Maybe he's supposed to be there as the top was eating him out for a while? Grin.
I took an adult sex ed class a decade ago, and there are some great points that were NOT covered in this video. In fact, A bottom might have difficulty taking a cock after watching this (he would succeed, but it would not be as smooth as butter). There is this great technique for getting the finger in. Of course start with the rimming because that is too much darn fun. Put a dab of lube on the finger pad of the index finger. Now press the pad against the anus. Now rotate the arm 90 degrees and voila, the finger tip is in. This is so gentle it feels like magic. Try this at home. You chose not to discuss water-based versus silicon-based lubes. I prefer silicon because it stays slick for hours on end and always feels slicker. It does not wash off as easy, so some will try to get away with the water-based ones. Please warn people that tacky lube is no longer lube. The biggest weakness in the video is that there is no discussion about where lube needs to go. Think of the piston in a car engine. The piston has rings so that it can apply lube exactly where it is needed. The lube needs to be an inch or two INSIDE the bottom. Google for "lube shooter". Draw up an inch or two of lube in this syringe like device, and then insert it and push on the plunger. Now there is a significant amount of lube deep in the bottom's ass where it needs to be. This is sometimes a part of my date prep. A little silicon lube goes a long way. It is also nice to have an entry that feels slick. I give my tops the "3-finger rule". No anal until there has been a 3-finger fuck. One finger is not wide enough for anyone's cock. If the guy is big, he gets the 4-finger fuck rule. It is simple enough that horny tops can do it. I would have spent more time about teasing with the cock since it is so homoerotic. You know the moves: cock head on balls, moving over the taint, stopping at the hole, lingering, and repeating the cycle. Taking dirty while doing so. Or the grabbing of hips for a dry hump grind. It can also be best to have the bottom control the insertion experience. Only he can know if there is a moment when things need to stop. Once the top is in, switch control, but the initial landing is best with the bottom's hips controlling the connection. So with great lube in the right place, and 3-fingers used to open the back door wide enough, anal can be done with only pleasure. Please consider making an update.
Great video of how to prepare for anal sex and I wish those men who fucked me had this knowledge. However I thank you for this excellent information for both men since some men can be top and bottom. I was always a bottom due to medical issue and it was meaningful for me.
before applying fingers, remember to trim and even file your fingerNAILS or wear a latex glove.

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