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Multi Orgasmic Lovers

Added: May 9, 2022 | Runtime: 34:45 | 29,552 views

These men are lovers and teachers. Through sexual meditation, they find inspiration to help unlock our body’s potential for greater sexual function and pleasure. Will trained GJ how to be multi-orgasmic. Now they want to help you learn, too, by showing you the love, connection and passion that the practice inspires.

If you want to dive deeper into multi-orgasmic sex with Will Tantra, one such workshop is available on Himeros.tv under the title of "How To Have Multiple Orgasms" from our Tantra Sampler collection.

For most men, having multiple orgasms feels elusive. It's like the proverbial unicorn. It's the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. However, seeing is believing. And watching multi-orgasmic lovers in action opens viewers up to a whole new world of possibilities and pleasure.

Video concept by Will Tantra: https://tantricfitness.com

Recent Comments:
Excellent. Very good.
Nice and hairy pubic hair.. Excellent movie.
Title should be Multi-Fake Orgasmic Lovers.
Davey Wavey
As someone who witnessed it in person, I can assure you it's real. When Will came, a bit of cum dripped out multiple times. It's a real experience, and it's a technique that Will teaches extensively.
Thanks for making this as long as it was. I watched it (animatedly) in two parts and will doubtless return to it multiple times. The times I've been fortunate enough to be in the "Will" position of tutoring and mentoring a younger man (from whom I've always learned as much as I've ever shared) have been times of bliss. Is there any better word for the action here than love?
This video is sensational - intimate, instructive, engaging, erotic and beautifully crafted. Will and GJ are both stunning, with Will's notable charisma evident throughout. "Real or not" misses the point and intention of the video which was clearly and sensitively communicated. Multiple orgasms are accessible with training and practice. There is nothing fake or manufactured about GJ and Will's presentation. The orgasms are genuine and that sure isn't Ivory liquid that Will is spurting. Excellent job. Thank you.
This video is an unexpected pleasure and source of arousal. I expected a class and instead got a sensual love story. I dislike the tattoos and all that Daddy business is silly, but I still enjoyed this a lot.
Loved this so much! The dialogue, the sensuality, the intimacy, and the natural body and pubic hair - such a turn on from to finish and the most satisfying orgasm I’ve had in quite some time! So very well done. More like this with these 2 please. Perfection!!!
Wow I learned so much from this!! Definitely going to be exercising my kegels!!
I love these two teachers!
And the natural body hair! The verbal communication! All for a video that made me hard all along the way
Guys, you are the reason why i registered myself on this cool site. We like to do same things since ever. That’s real friendship to get together nude and see him getting exited front of me. As i saw him first to masturbate nude i was so impressed. Than he started asking me if i had already experience. After long years i couldn’t hold back myself and let him caught myself working my lingam.
There might be nothing hotter than watching GJ gulp down hot daddy Will’s cum. Beautiful

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