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Morning Wood

Added: February 4, 2019 | Runtime: 09:40 | 3,812 views

Watch Davey and friends discuss Morning Wood on Himeros LIVE, our weekly podcast.

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Good morning.

Our most reliable erection is first thing in the morning, when we wake up.

Before you get up and pee, let’s use this erection to set the mood of your day.

This video features Dalton Briggs and is inspired by a concept written by Dr. Jallen Rix: http://doctorrix.com

Recent Comments:
What a beautiful way to start the day feeling secure about one's powerful masculinity. A beautifully done video with a warm setting as Dalton primes his cock with a nice warmup as he strokes his awesome cock to an awesome climax. So fortunate that we men are wired to start each day with beautiful morning wood.
I agree totally with Clay and, of course, Davey. Masturbation is a wonderful way to start the day--the sexual pleasure after a night's sleep, the chance to communicate with oneself and feel the beauty of self-love. As a boy I was made to feel guilty about masturbating--my Catholic upbringing that to masturbate was to commit a mortal sin condemning me to hell! OMG! Of course I did it anyway, but as soon as I came I was overwhelmed by guilt feelings. Better rush to confession to avoid eternal damnation! Only as an adult did I figure out how wrong was the church doctrine on masturbation (and other aspects of human sexuality). My posts on my own porn blogs celebrate masturbation--also homosexuality. Maybe most followers don't have guilt about sex with oneself or other men, but for those who do I'm knowingly trying to counter all of the false religious doctrines that have been imposed on them and that have caused so much harm!
This is a very beautiful video emphasizing the power of our masculinity. It is a great way to start our day. If I may say so, I felt that although I understand the use of a warm setting, I wanted more light generally. We were unable to see so many beautiful shots of his hard body responding to his stimulation due to lack of light. Just a suggestion.
It was a bit anti-climatic because it was too DARK. You have such a beautiful boy there but we could hardly see him at times. What's up with all the darkness? I must say, I always enjoy Davy's sweet, sexy voice. Davy, you should do more videos of yourself. You are a "honey"! Hmmm.
One of the first Himeros.tv videos I've watched. OMG!
This video is so dark I cannot see what is going on. I wish your video player had a way to make it brighter.
Very hot! But now I think it's time for a nap! Grin.
Can I please have your cum?

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