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Added: January 17, 2022 | Runtime: 12:25 | 38,606 views

Sacraments were intended as ways to 'lift up' the ordinary, making every day practices and rituals Sacred. For instance, Baptism was a way of making the daily ritual of bathing and the cleansing of the body something that would also show a person's entrance into a new, sacred state of being. Eucharist was a way of making a meal something sacred and special, transforming bread into a 'spiritual' meal. Matrimony was originally a way of making sacred one of our favorite things: fucking! ("And the two will become one flesh.")

But then it became all about property, financial stability, children and was finally reserved only for heterosexual couples. Enough of that!

Let's reclaim fucking as something beyond just the physical: great gay sex can be something sacred as well. And in reclaiming matrimony as a sacred state for two men (thanks to the Obergefell decision, 2015), let's recognize that at any time, anywhere, men can pledge their bodies to each other and engage in something that is really sacred, playful, joyful, comforting and affirming.

In this video we see all of that. There's no rabbi or priest present, no witnesses, only the complete offering of one body to another, with the addition of ritual and word that makes this Erotic scene truly Sacred.

Video concept by Coach Nic: https://www.mindfulpleasurepractice.com

Recent Comments:
Lovely. I could watch Ray Dexter all day long.
Beautiful....exchange of rings and consummated the union....I think they are married now. Loved the crackling fireplace. ready to recreate with my hubby
Beautiful example of how a sacrament can be reinvented for a group of people that for a long time excluded. and Great connection between Ray and Drew. I am really going to miss Ray when you are done releasing the final episodes of this shoot. A very intimate moment played out beautifully and hot at the same time. Well done Davey and crew.
So beautiful. Hot, romantic, great production values. More of these two, please.
A beautiful video. From the kissing, undressing, to the cock rings, “with this ring…”, to the blending of the seed by Ray all over Drew’s chest, just fabulous. Thank you Nic and Davey for this view of matrimony.
So beautiful, erotic and life-affirming
Beautiful! Feel spent just watching it. I love the theme. Sacred sex. Expand to others and groups. Average " guys next door" would be beautiful too. Much gratitude 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💞
That was truly beautiful.
A reclaiming of the Sacred through the divine ecstasy of human intimacy expressed in healthy sexuality. Playful, profound, human, erotic and sacred simultaneously. Refreshing.
Finally!! the camera stays on them glowing; the best part
At first glance, this seems so basic & ordinary--two guys kiss, one penetrates the other, they hump and cum. The truth of course is that Ray & Drew, with the Himeros team, make this simple story line magical, intimate, beautiful, super erotic, thoroughly personal and authentic. We feel grateful and energized to be included in this sweet series of wonderful moments & loving words in their bonding as a couple. Thank you!, Drew & Ray, and all!
In the adventures and explorations of Himeros, this is a vanilla moment--and a reminder of how transcendently delicious vanilla can be.
Tender, beautiful lovemaking!
Luv seeing them in FOTL tight whites......please continue filming more in these MASCULINE briefs!
Watching this I had a very unexpected, profound, wonderful, ecstatic, even spiritual experience. At the exchange of cock rings moment out of nowhere waves of pure ecstasy swept over me multiple times filling my whole body. The feeling was beyond that of orgasm and defies full description, there are simply no adequate words! At one point I attempted to join in and masturbate as it seemed the obvious next step, but I simply couldn’t. This didn’t matter and I felt absurd for even trying! The waves of pure pleasure I felt were apparently more than enough, they felt spiritual in the purest sense of that loaded word. To suddenly make this about ‘me’ seemed utterly ridiculous and vacuous. Thanks for the ongoing sterling work in wrestling our right to express love and desire back from centuries of oppression at the hands of some priests and clergy who have and still do deny that we have legitimate personal agency to determine who we love and how we express that love. I say all of this as a practicing gay Roman Catholic, go figure! Right wing fanatics who would have us silenced, generally in society and specifically in my case within the RC Church were furious at the response Pope Francis gave when challenged about not denying Nancy Pelosi’s Eucharist (communion): the body of Christ, ref her support of a woman’s right to choose. He gave a typically rambling answer that had a marvellous trap for those who would condemn…anyone deemed by them to be in error inc supporters of the right to choose, people in same sex relationship or marriage etc… At the core of his statement he said: “ No, I have never denied the Eucharist to anyone, to anyone.” “ I don’t know if someone came to me under these conditions, but I have NEVER refused them the Eucharist, since the time I was a priest” I can’t find the specific quote but continuing he also said something like this ref [my] paraphrase: {Even if someone is excommunicated [cast out of the church], I will always give them communion. On one occasion by accident I gave communion to a Jewish lady in a care home I was visiting. This was completely by accident as I had assumed she was Christian. We both laughed and I said, oh well we must remember that Jesus was Jewish!} How friggin marvellous is that for a reflection from a Catholic pontiff? The folk his comments were aimed at undermining are terrified that their stranglehold grip is being wrestled away by progressive thinkers like us! Good old Francis [more power to him] has also insisted many times that the Eucharist is not a reward for ‘good behaviour’ but rather an instrument for healing and unity. Regardless of our beliefs we could all do with some of that in this conflicted world! After this statement that completely undermined the right wingers attack, rather than tell them what they should do he had in fact led by example in how to be compassionate like the guy our detractors claim to follow, that chap called Jesus! Remember him? There in lay his trap hidden in plain sight….do they risk being seen to condemn others with a total lack of compassion or follow the example of Jesus? BAZINGA; Caught hook, line and sinker! Apologies for the rambling + heavy religious nature of this comment. My partner and I have been together for 34 years, the last 7 of which inc marriage [in civil law]. Obvs we’re now Husbands, therefore are effectively in grave sin allegedly, maybe even excommunicated, according to some malicious factions in the Church. While they have a right to feel as they do and express such opinions I, woman and other marginalised folk also have the right to say NO enough, is enough! We claim agency over how our bodies are used ref reproduction rights, expressing our sexuality, sensuality, spirituality [in its broadest sense!] and love. We folk who have been ruthlessly marginalised since the dawn of Christendom have had enough and won’t stand for anymore poison. OMG! I’m not sure where this tirade came from, particularly as a first ever comment as a new member to the site! Maybe one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit…? I think it’s apparent though that it was heartfelt and completely sincere, wherever it came from…God bless, while respecting your right to believe or not in Him/Her/Them!/the void…. End of sermon I’m sure you’ll all be relived to hear!
I don’t know how often I have watched this video but I feel like I need to say something again. It is one of the most tender, loving sexual experiences on Himeros.

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