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Mastering Masturbation

Added: January 1, 2024 | Runtime: 01:13:04 | 5,866 views
Master the art of self-pleasure! In part one of this guide, you’ll join sex coach Will Tantra in an exploration of the penis and its pleasure - including lubricants, stroke techniques, body positions and endurance. In part two, you’ll incorporate ALL your senses for full body ecstasy - and discover edging techniques, stamina and ejaculation control.
Recent Comments:
Hi, thank You for these wonderful instructions. At first I thought "what could I learn from this?". - Your instruction are made in a very passionate way. They met my points because I felt that the way I masturbate is maybe not the best for having sex with partners. Now I got some ideas to change, for a more joyful masturbation and also for sex with partners.
Will always makes informative video's. I've certainly learnt things from his instructions

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