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Making Love All Day

Added: June 17, 2019 | Runtime: 06:27 | 7,608 views

The average human will spend 10,625 days of his life staring at a screen. He will spend 7,709 days sitting down. He will spend 235 days waiting in lines.

But how many days will he spend having sex?

In this video, whether it’s a long term partner or a newfound lover, we seek to increase that number by enjoying an entire day dedicated to eroticism.

Video concept by Brad Amberheart: http://www.bradamberheart.com

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Recent Comments:
Lovely. I have spent some days in and out of bed having sex. Everyone should try it.
This is luscious and romantic, but I have to confess I miss "the money shot." If I were devoting an entire day to eroticism, I would hope that is how the day would end.
Davey Wavey
Yeah, I hear you! We actually filmed this video more than a year ago - before we realized how much our audience enjoyed the cum shot. Almost all of our new projects have lots of cum. However, I think this ejaculation-free video is a great opportunity for us to remember that there's so much more to sex than cum.
The sound mix makes me want to be there. And I agree with Davey (above), sex without orgasm may actually expand, rather than limit, what we can do.
I think it is a beautiful scene and like the fact that intimate togetherness can be wonderful.
Brad Amberheart
Wow! I'm so excited to see the outcome of this concept I wrote a year and a half ago! Great job, Adam Ramzi and Andy Soros for bringing this story to life in one of my absolute favorite places on Earth--Provincetown! I love the way it was filmed, and the way the video captures the essence of sweet, slow, love-making...lovingly accented by the creaking of the boat and the sounds of the sea and birds. So many different camera shots! I think the director, Travis Matthews, did an extraordinary job, and I love seeing the way he brings stories to life. To sum it up: I'm really excited about this video, which is unlike anything I've ever seen in "porn". Whohoo!
Really loved this and I enjoyed that there wasn't a cum shot. I love the idea of just being playful and exploring with each other all day without ending. I think not being focused on the cum shot allows you to be more connected with your partner and their company
So open into one another, savoring the mutual beauty of their sexuality!
just cant get enough of this !! it is amazing !!!!!!!!!!!
Beautiful, sensual video showing the importance of play in sex and taking time to enjoy and prioritize erotic pleasure
What a great day!
What could be purer than two men loving each other and spending the whole day together sharing each other, taking their time, living each moment to the full! I want that tòo!
I'm 84 and I am with a fwb every other week. I rarely cum; but I always have a hot hour with him. So I'm fine without a cum shot and fine without one in this beautiful film.

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