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Making Daddy Proud

Added: September 18, 2023 | Runtime: 24:08 | 29,944 views
Role play is one of the cornerstones of BDSM. We can say and do things in our assumed role that we couldn’t or wouldn’t do in the real world. It can be edgy and uncomfortable if the situations are taken literally. Like an actor on the stage, you become a character removed from the constraints of our actual self. This scene explores the common scenario of daddy/son play where an older, wiser daddy helps his inexperienced son take a step closer to being a daddy himself.
Recent Comments:
First a question Davey. Was this filmed at the property you've done your conferences at? It looks like one of the lodges there. Chase is so cute and has a very attractive cock. Those veins are very defining on it making it his top asset. That Hickey on his neck is cute too. A mark of passion from a previous lover you can't overlook and be envious of. Normally group scenes can become too crowded with guys just standing around masturbating as the main action unfolds. A problem seen here as well. But the cum shot where we see the two guys who started it all back together and only them had the degree of intimacy I like.
Nate is one of my favorites! Such a beautiful, sexy man. Give us more!
"Thank you, Daddy."

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