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Just The Beginning

Added: June 21, 2021 | Runtime: 19:16 | 27,077 views

At Easton Mountain in upstate New York, a group of men gathered to explore their sex and sexuality through tantric workshops and erotic videos - many of which have been shared on Himeros.tv. During this five day retreat, each of these men connected deeply with themselves and each other in ways that transformed us all. The love and support created by this group of gay and bisexual men felt - and feels - like something that the world craves. It's something that all of us crave.

On the final day of the retreat, an intention was spoken to bring this experience home with all of us - and bring it not just into our own lives, but the lives of those around us. Indeed, we can all recreate the magic of this special experience by being more present, more kind, more open and more loving.

On that final day, this film was created. It was the last chance for all of us to be together, in person.

And then, like seeds in the wind, we all went our separate ways. And much like seeds, we carried potential as we journeyed home to our respective corners of the world. And we will water those seeds with love and intention, keeping the magic of Easton Mountain alive in our lives - and hopefully yours.

In that way, even though the retreat has come to an end, it's really... just the beginning.

Video concept by Brad Amberheart: http://www.bradamberheart.com
Recent Comments:
Lovely, intimate, sexy! I wish I’d been there. 😛
Davey, Brad. It was so enjoyable to watch these men come together to create a final lasting memory of their vacation. It was also wonderful and inspiring to see men of different age groups, body types and races put aside what the image of wanting to be with a hot muscular guy (even though there were a few) and just enjoy the camaraderie of just being men enjoying their masculinity. I'm also glad there was no anal sex because that would have taken away the real ness of the scene. The masturbation and oral sex was more than sufficient in this scenario. I loved the tenderness of the kissing and the tenderness of the sucking. It was so nice to see these men enjoying themselves in that beautiful setting. If all straight men could enjoy their fellow man in this way there might be less chaos in the world. I can see where anal sex might push the limit for a straight guy though. This setting for a straight guy might be the ticket for them to understand how to relate to other men better. I mean all men straight or gay like penis play and who knows how to pleasure a penis better than another man. I also liked the way you ended the scene with the men fading away just as you said "like seeds in the wind". Absolutely beautiful and as another commenter said, "relaxing", and it was.
In many ways the dream I dream for myself and so many other men. So nice, after watching, to discover that it was rooted in real shared experience, underscoring the possibility that the dream can manifest.
I too jonathanscircle wish that this type of bonding between men could become a reality but at least in the circle of men I am mostly around, it is not going to happen. If I even suggested masturbating together, well that would be the end of that relationship. I just don't understand why most straight men are so afraid to enjoy penis pleasure among themselves. Masturbating together would be such an experience to behold. It doesn't have to involve love or intimate feelings towards each other. Just male bonding and enjoying each other's friendship on a special occasion and actually learning and experiencing male feelings. Maybe someday as men and the world evolves that may happen. It is kind of interesting sometimes when buddies start to drinking a bit the inhibitions loosen and some of that dormant male bonding feelings slips out. Then after there is guilt and shame and denial it even happened. How stupid. Just enjoy the experience with no guilt or shame. It is no big deal and not the end of the world. Keep working at it and you might just understand it is not such a bad or embarrassing thing to do.
Group scenes are difficult. You can’t tell who is doing what to who most of the time. I never did figure out how many men are involved here. So there is not much chance for eroticism to build. (And the tinkling part of the music for the first half is just annoying.)
Lovely. Absolutely lovely. It seems to have been a great end to a great week.
It was refreshing to see the interaction of all the guys just enjoying the "moment" in time. Just enjoying each other in a sensual and sexual way with no baggage. I do agree the "ticking" music in the beginning was annoying but the music did evolve. I do have one question in the descriptions you have {bareback} but that was not shown. I know Ty was behind Nico and it would appear he may have been but not sure. If he was it would have been nice to see that. I wonder if this might happen at the retreat in Oct.
Simply beautiful…the music, the setting, the men!
A very romantically gay scenario with so much beauty to behold.
Great sensual video! Love the variety of men.
Not video I could get off on, but I'd love to experience something this beautiful in my life. I doubt it will, I'm already 67. The music is wonderful!! Thank you Davey. Bill
definitely my fav HimEros movie so far. haven't watched many (yet) but this is the kind of vid i enjoy the most
Davey: You've brought one of my fantasies to life with these beautiful men. Thank you!
This would be My Dream Perfection......pure love

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