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Joyfriend Material

Added: April 25, 2022 | Runtime: 15:18 | 19,466 views

As gay, bisexual or queer men, we're told that our sex is shameful, dirty and diseased. Though society can't steal our pleasure, it can drown us in negative feelings of guilt and shame. But things can be different. In today's video, we see shame replaced by joy. We see guilt replaced by deep connection and love. And in doing so, we're given a new path forward.

Video concept by Brad Amberheart: https://www.bradamberheart.com/

Recent Comments:
Omg this was so fkn sensual and hot! I got literally so hard and wet watching this! They were both had amazing chemistry. Well done!
This is beautiful. Two beautiful men making love. I'm assuming they aren't a couple, yet they do have chemistry!! Much love to them both. And thank you Davey Wavey for making and the actors for participating in making a video that shows that gay sex can just as powerful, if not more powerful as straight sex.
Real gay play and love; wonderful reality of two men exploring their pleasure.
What a lovely video. Trevor is really hot. But I am falling in love with Jonah. He is so masculine; and that mustache just absolutely turns me on. I can feel his tongue eating me out; his mustache tickling my taint. Kudos to Davey and Brad for this video.
It was very beautiful- real connection and not just banging. Loved it.
I echo the preceding comments. To be honest, I often value a video in direct proportion to how arousing and energizing it is to me. This was pretty near the top of all time.
These two men do such a phenomenal job in portraying the full spectrum of male-male sexual intimacy. The expressions on their faces--not to mention the excitement conveyed in their bodies--is what I call "the whole package". I was there when the video was filmed, and I got the "insider's scoop" that these men actually made a pact before the scene was filmed. The pact was to release a lifetime of shame, and transform that shame into pure joy. The passion and truth of what they were doing actually transfers directly into me, the viewer. I'm so grateful to them for their courage. It's hard to remember what "porn" used to look like, before films like this one came on the scene. Thank you--Trevor and Jonah--and to that amazing crew, who captured such incredibly beautiful images. Brad Amberheart
loved the mutual nipple play

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