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Journeys Two - Episode 4

Added: April 6, 2020 | Runtime: 14:01 | 18,498 views

Season Two of Journeys is here!

In Episode 4, Otto uncovers deeper truths while seeking revenge.

Season Two is directed by Matthew Lynn

Written by Daniel F. Cardone

Facilitated by Finn Deerhart

Produced by Davey Wavey

Production Sound by Matthew Kendrick

Production Assistant Austin James

Featuring Andre Donovan

Adam Ramzi

Max Adonis

Ricky Roman

Nico Nova

Grayson Lange

Otto Samson

Silver Steele

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Recent Comments:
I don't think this story is over. Otto discovered that he can have sex without love and it can be satisfying. (At his age he should have already discovered this.) But the essential is the bond between him and his partner. The guys in the park seem to have such a bond. But in all four episodes we did not see the true bond between Otto and his partner - what draws them together - how they satisfy each other. The younger one is, the more one is willing to toss out the present and seek something better. With experience one finds that it is not the boyfriend's trip to the bathhouse, but the way the boyfriend treats his partner day by day and night by night. Part of jealousy is the fear of loss and abandonment. If one is content in oneself, the fear is less. Loss and grief over a broken relationship are real, but faith in oneself and in one's partner allows emotional stability. I get the story here, but the story is not finished. I hope they grow together and appreciate that one person cannot necessarily satisfy all desires.
Davey Wavey
I agree. The story is not over. In episode 2, I think we did see some of that bond between Otto and his partner. We saw it in the hot fuck-fest that they experienced after the counseling session. It felt important to show this, so that we know there is something there worth fighting for. I love what you said about the fear of loss decreasing as a person becomes more content in themselves. Wise words!
I don't know how to communicate with you except by this comment section and since you monitor before posting I figure this will not be posted but you will read it. I admit that I have not seen all the videos that are on this site so the suggestion I am about to make might have already been done. This is my suggestion: In one of the videos you can see the feet of the videographer. I won't say which one because I do not want you to correct or alter the video. I find it really sexy to see his presence. My suggestion is to make a video about the models being videoed so we can watch the guys being watched and recorded. For me, it would have been really hot to see the hot scene with Otto and his partner being videoed with the videographer in the scene.
Davey Wavey
Ooo that's very interesting! I won't delete the video - but I'd love to know when and where you can see the feet! Please share! You're sending me on a scavenger hunt.
Great theme and message in this story! Understanding this message is key to a long-lasting relationship with a partner.
Role Play - Part II: Dad 'n' Son at 14:08. I am taking you at your word that you will not edit this. I love, love, love this scene.
I really like this one.
beautiful story so far !
part of life in a story line ...we believe this is the way forward for adult entertainment so we consider you pioneers!! We also love the commentaries with Davey, Finn and guests. .. talking the reality of our sex lives is fresh, exciting and opens us up (pun intended!) to new ideas ..for this, Thanks!!! And, of course, we look forward to Journeys 3 and following ;) Tony & Stan from Ireland🍀
Thank you so much for this video.

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