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Journeys Two - Episode 2

Added: March 23, 2020 | Runtime: 12:25 | 15,688 views

Season Two of Journeys is here!

In Episode 2, Otto meets a flirtatious couple and heeds the advice of a sex coach.

Season Two is directed by Matthew Lynn

Written by Daniel F. Cardone

Facilitated by Finn Deerhart

Produced by Davey Wavey

Production Sound by Matthew Kendrick

Production Assistant Austin James

Featuring Andre Donovan

Adam Ramzi

Max Adonis

Ricky Roman

Nico Nova

Grayson Lange

Otto Samson

Silver Steele

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Recent Comments:
Wow...WOW. You guys keep topping yourselves. This is wonderful and I am content with the amount of disdain I have for Desmond in this series. The storyline is good and I can't wait to see how this plays out.
Simple, straightforward and sexy. Once again, weaving a story line through the episode lifts the scene well above "pornography." Himeros is effectively pushing the boundary lines of porngraphy and so-called legitimate narrative. I am so eager to see where this approach goes.
Superb — on so many levels. Eager for the next episodes!
Honest, open communications are obviously the key to sustaining relationships--dealing with feelings, concerns, fears. Making love is also essentially a communication between two lovers. My husband and I make love virtually every day--I top him and then he tops me. We leave some of ourselves within each other--a spiritual communication that lasts until the next day we make love!
Seriously-hot - a credit to the entire production/conception staff - really well shot.

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