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Journeys - Episode One

Added: August 5, 2019 | Runtime: 10:05 | 24,316 views

Episode one of our four-part series titled "Journeys". Written and directed by Matthew Lynn and produced by Davey Wavey, this series explores loss through the five stages of grief.

Production Sound – Matt Kendrick

Camera Assistant – Austin James

Post Sound Supervisor – Noelle DiMarco

Original Score by – Bridge the Divide Media

Production Assistant – Chad Remy

Production Assistant – Nicolas Wilson

Sex & Intimacy Coach – Finn Deerheart

Jason – Calvin Banks

Alex – Chris Harder

Billy – Ray Dexter

Ben – Will Tantra

Mysterious Man – Markus Kage

Couple in Window – Windom Gold & Andre Donovan

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Recent Comments:
This alludes to the experience of many who have lost partners to HIV/AIDS and it hits on an emotional level while also being very sensual and sexy. But that in some way adds to the raw quality of the emotions.
Todd Thompson
awesome video, I can see myself in that scene
The most emotionally powerful porn I've ever seen. Plus, Calvin Banks is adorable.
There is porn...and then there is Himeros. One is sexually stimulating...the other is totally erotic. One is put together...the other is crafted.
Amazing love it
Wow.....I finally decide to subscribe, I am thoroughly enjoying the content, then I watch the first episode of Journey and it dredges all the memories of my late husband.....and I miss him so so very much. I’m anxious to see the following episodes and see how he resolves his memories. Thank you.
This is beautifully crafted, and cinematic in the best way.
I also thought of my deceased husband. I assumed that was what had happened, tragically, not knowing the story. Thanks for leaving it open during the episode. It was powerful and moving. Sort of sad but more just a poignant memory of what love can be and do.

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