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Instant Replay

Added: February 13, 2023 | Runtime: 12:22 | 26,895 views

When boundaries are crossed, a young man is given another shot with deeper attunement.

Video concept by Finn Deerhart: http://www.finndeerhart.com

Recent Comments:
This was an incredible movie. I love the replay on boundaries and consent.
Surprisingly I find the trans video very hot. Out of curiosity does a trans anus wink when cumming and could that be captured in future video?
Have to admit I was very triggered at the first take being too rough and dominant. Then second scene more tender and sweet with proper progression in stages of sex and realization one is a trans man. Certainly they are also worthy of sexual expression and joy. This showed how to make love to all that is him. Showing how each guy cums is the reward for sex that is consensual. I'm not a fan of Steve's nose piercing but his curtains that match the drapes is very attractive in a ginger. Seeing Darren inside him....very HOT!!
Fantastic. So so good. Will be re-watching for sure.
I have to admit that watching these trans male videos with actual pussies has been very exciting to me. I had an encounter once many years ago with a trans male and ate his pussy and this video makes me want to do it again. So exciting and titillating. Love the trans videos. I am mostly into men and probably would react differently to this video if the two performers were of the opposite sex however with one being a trans male---so stimulating. Keep it up!!!! Literally.
Would love to see more of Stevie, especially in a gang bang if he's up for that. Several guys cumming in his pussy and then watching all the cum flow out.

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