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I'm The One That I Want

Added: July 11, 2022 | Runtime: 13:09 | 18,403 views

The power is not “out there somewhere.” Instead, it is our birthright; it is available to us, and we must tend that connection with ourselves.

It's also important to advocate for your own boundaries, instead of acting mindlessly because you fear disappointing another person.

Video concept by Finn Deerhart: https://www.finndeerhart.com/

Recent Comments:
What an interesting concept. At first I did not totally get it. But after reading the synopsis carefully and then listening to the dialog carefully, not just the action, I totally understood it. He had a wonderful session with Benny and totally got him off. But when it came to his orgasm he wanted to handle it in his own way. Sometimes you know exactly what you want and only you can do it. Jonah politely declined Benny getting him off. He had his own plan and in the process made love to himself and pleasured his body to get the exact pleasure he desired by edging himself and just doing what felt good to him. I totally get it.
Self-pleasure is great. But I get the impression that Jonah is withholding from Benny because he wants to jerk off. Jerking off is fine- but he's not being honest with his partner. The sex with Benny was hot however.

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