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I See You

Added: May 30, 2022 | Runtime: 20:01 | 21,397 views

Lots of us really get off on being watched while we have sex. Lots of us also get off on watching, which is actually why we enjoy porn, right?

Have you ever considered that many porn stars are actually even more excited because they know that you’re watching! Whether you’re a porn star or consider yourself to be rather shy, watching someone have sex or knowing that someone is watching you - engaged in the most intimate act possible between two people - is bound to create a rush of energy in your nuts.

We invite you to join us on the journey of “I See You” with open eyes and tingling balls. Here are a couple of questions to fuel your curiosity as you watch: Do you identify more with the voyeur or with one or both of the two lovers who are being watched? Do you feel that the voyeur’s presence in this video enhances the pleasure of the two men being watched?

Video concept by Brad Amberheart: http://www.bradamberheart.com

Recent Comments:
That was amazing. The best video on the site in my opinion. Reminds me of my previous favorite porn video which concerned a photographer documenting gay love making in San Francisco. Really connected and hot.
I enjoyed watching that video! The men were taking their time and they both seemed pretty realistic. I know I could have fit in there the whole time!
Love the video. I myself like being watched too, when with a guy I have sort of connection or chemistry.
One of the sexiest videos you've ever done! The intimacy and connectedness -- both erotic and emotional -- is off the charts. Russell is so sexy, I have to go back and review all his previous videos. This video is a gift and an inspiration; I feel very grateful for the men who made it, and I want to duplicate it in real life with a friend!
I have to tell you Davey, this is one of the most beautiful and loving videos you have ever made. First, I absolutely love these three men. The loving body contact and chemistry between them is absolutely amazing. The bonding between them. They were truly making love to each other. The loving way they sucked and handled each other's cocks was true love making. I just wished I was right there with them. It left me with the most peaceful and warm feeling and at the same time a very leaky and sensitive cock. I just loved this episode man. Russell and Marck are fabulous together. I love the sweetness and sexiness of Ed. Just amazing Davey. All of your videos are excellent but some are at the top of the mountain peak.
Academy Award for best video on the site. Loved the intensity and intimacy of the three men, but especially Russell and Marck. It was a turn on and also beautiful and touching to watch.

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