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Hung On The Cross

Added: September 5, 2022 | Runtime: 12:29 | 24,307 views

In keeping with the nature of our Sacred Sex series, here is a young man engaging his body in sacred self-pleasure. Notice that he welcomes his entire body into the pleasure, not just his cock. His pleasure welcomes all of the senses and all of the parts of his body, building up to a full-body orgasm. But wait... his noticing includes a crucifix hanging on the wall, not an unusual decoration in some Catholic homes. Is he bothered by its presence? Does it make him feel guilty? Or does he welcome its presence in a way that actually blesses this sacred time that he's set aside for himself? The sculptured body on the cross is strangely beautiful and detailed in its rendering. Perhaps he's even a bit turned on by it. Perhaps there's something transgressive about what he's doing that turns him on even more.

In retrospect, perhaps he sees himself as an erotic partner of the man on the cross. Is that so different from nuns who consider themselves "Brides of Christ"? Or a direct interpretation of all those bible quotes in which God's relationship to his people is like a "divine marriage"? These references strongly suggest not just a "spiritual" union but an erotic, physical union with the Divine as expressed in the writings of saints like John of the Cross or Theresa of Avila. Enjoying the erotic pleasure that our bodies can give us is definitely a divine gift. Celebrate it!

Warning: This video may be triggering for some people.

Video concept by Coach Nic: https://www.mindfulpleasurepractice.com

Recent Comments:
I'm not usually a big fan of "jerk off" videos but I loved this one. I love the concept behind it and behind the whole Sacred Sex series. And Nico is beautiful and it was lovely to see him give himself pleasure like that. I also may or may not have a thing for beautiful people in priest habit ;) Watching this scene reminded me of your youtube video about Coach Nic (what a story!) and I was very moved by Nico's interview. I hope this scene was cathartic and healing for him <3
I am always intrigued with the power of the orgasm to perform rectum launched toys. That didn't happen still the ending was a surprise. :).
Absolutely brilliant! And VERY true to life, believe me.
Sexy, sensual movie
OH LORD! This one will get lots of feedback! hey Nico is such a beautiful man. And God is always watching us, So it just stands to reason.. Keep pushing the boundaries. I do believe in God, but I do not believe he restricts the pleasures of our bodies that are provided. I also do not believe "white Jesus "on a cross is the embodiment of what God is, but I digress.
I can't tell you how understood I feel - I think this is my favourite video yet on Himeros. To be honest, I wasn't sure how seriously you all were taking the Sacred Sex series (which isn't fair of me, I know). So, here's a bit of my story. I was raised Pentecostal, but realised when I was 18 that one of the reasons I was still a Christian was because I'm in love with Jesus--from my perspective, I've met him, and he's the most beautiful Man I've ever known. I may become an Anglican priest sooner rather than later, and my Anglican (Episcopalian) priestly formation taught me more about being a "bridal mystic" - the sense of being Christ's spouse. I'm very glad this video was so honest. The Crucified One is beautiful not because of the torture he suffered but because this is (according to my tradition) the Love that made all things permanently in human form. The moment at the end moved me more than I can say: the deacon/father has his erotic moment with Jesus and then goes out to serve his people. I know so many homophobic and transphobic Christians would be in fits seeing this, but my whole self all the way down says that there's something true here. At least, there's room for a disabled pentecostal catholic like me in the world. May the Holy One and Sacred Three bless you all for coaxing me into reconnection. Sermon done. Thanks for listening.
This video is special. People who were raised in churches (and/or still belong) might find freedom in exploring these themes of sacred bodies, holy union, the Christ as ever-present. Looking at the crucifix while masturbating is holy, to me. Also, Nico's anointing of his own body with holy oil is beautiful, too. Many might claim to be atheists. It is understandable given how the church has historically treated marginalized groups. However, a new understanding of God (not as bound in heaven or sitting in judgment, but ever-present as a divine Source of Love) can be liberating. I know it was for me. We are as diverse in our bodies as the limitless, creative mind of God. Speaking as someone who has spent a lot of time thinking about God, religion, church, and human sexuality, I appreciate these Himeros videos that touch on sacred themes. Thank you!
Nico pulls so thick out out from the covers of his sheets. This video shows how quickly anal plugs and penises can be lubricated. But I'm also gay and did not stop being gay after the introduction of church. But I also like the way that feels to use different textures on my penis. I love anal plugs and his spunky sperm sprinkled, and it was sexy to throw the toy back on the bed and ring a church bell.
An amazingly filmed intersection of body and soul at the culmination of perception, reality, identity, growth, being, and communion.
There are several comments I wish to make. First, I was very glad to see the disclaimer cautioning about triggers. Yes, there are viewers here who were victimized by priests/clergy yet that aspect of Nico's character wasn't revealed until the end. More triggering would be performing sexual acts aroused by an image of God and in the presence of that image, which is where I am. Images that I was raised to consider sac-religious. Yet there are qualities of this video that would and should be part of future videos. I'm speaking to the toys. So many of your videos contain penal penetration of the anus yet few have anal toys as part of that which for many of us IS our private time. Even something as simplistic as a cock ring could do with a section on one of your actors applying it to himself. Same with the two anal toys here. Perhaps add a comical element of two actors "discovering" the mysteries of them being confounded by the various speeds and cycles available. And here's a personal pet peeve of mine you rarely show lube being used. It is SO IMPORTANT! Yet you give it very short shrift if any at all. Indeed the loving application by one lover to the other can be very erotic. Seriously Davey, with all the professionals you have from film arts to tantric arts on your staff now, you do have the ability to depict this in an artful and seductive manner.
do you have a link to the interview with Nico referenced by Xander above. Nico is terrific and i would like to know more. thank you
Davey Wavey
Yes. Here's the link: https://www.himeros.tv/members/scenes/Behind-The-Scenes-Coach-Nic_vids.html
This was great. I remember always having an erection when kneeling and looking at the huge life-like crucifix hung by cables over the altar. This was a hot, fun, playful video of self-pleasuring. Nice.
Tha k you for this video which was sexually arousing for me to watch but also addresses the whole area of having faith in God and coming to grips and accepting my homosexual nature. I am getting there but not in the Christian community I am part of. I live a confusing life and hope for peace in this part of my life.
I practice sacred masturbation. The spiritual and erotic coming together. A while back I read all the hymns in the Lutheran hymnal and underlined verses that were sensual/erotic spirituality. I sometimes think of Jesus as my "husband" One hymn says " Hasten like a bride to meet him. Eagerly and gladly greet him. Open wide the fast closed portal saying to the Lord immortal: come and dwell within my heart for ever." I found three hymn verses that can be sung while masturbating. " "Here, O my Lord, I see thee face to face; Here would I touch and handle things unseen. Here grasp with firmer hand the eternal grace and all my weariness upon Thee lean." "Breathe on me, Breath of God. Unite my soul with thine. Until this earthly part of me Glows with thy fire divine." "To him my highest and best, I sing, when love possessed; May Jesus Christ be praised. what e're my hands begin, This blessing shall break in; May Jesus Christ be praised. Thanks to Coach Nic for this series on erotic spirituality. Sex is definitely one of my paths to the Divine. I have benefited from the website EroticEngineering where mindful masturbation is taught and filmed. Especially the fans only films with Russel, also one of the models on this site.
I'm glad the priest and all priests get to masturbate. Way better than seducing altar boys. How about showing a monk masturbating. I'm glad he used a lot of oil. Not true in a lot of the films. I like coconut oil warmed up in the microwave.
I once gave a talk on sacred sexuality to a group of fellow Lutheran ministers. I suggested Masturbation can be a form of meditation. And when they had sexual fantasies, masturbation is a good way to channel those desires in a safe and healthy way.

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