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How To Have Full Body Orgasms

Added: August 9, 2017 | Runtime: 21:19 | 4,371 views
Through the teachings of tantric coach Ian Ellington, Davey Wavey and Blake Mitchell demonstrate a technique for achieving full body orgasms. This exercise is best performed with the support of a partner.
Recent Comments:
Can’t get video to stream to Apple TV from iPad.
Visually fabulous, A whole new area of sensuality to be explored. Will look forward to trying that with my friend
Nothing better to feel and see ways to enjoy your body and learning how sexual breathing and touch can supercharge your mind and sexual awareness. I loved seeing this sensual presentation and the participants are very hot to watch. Wow!
Joe A.
Great video. will definitely try this technique with my partner of nearly 30 years. We definitely can use the help. (-: By the way, I couldn't hear many of the chakra sounds but was able to hear them after a google seach. Thanks guys!
Having been an avid watcher of Davey Wavey's YouTube plus the amazing Blake Mitchell, I am so glad that I have taken advantage of your Pride discount. Living on disability benefits I have to choose carefully where I spend my money. Well, I am so glad I joined. Keep what you are doing guys.
Beautiful video and very nice to see an uncut model for a change. The music, however, was a bit loud and made it difficult to understand Davey's voice.
Wonderful techniques, although after full-body orgasms, I'd likely connect the two again with a splendid ejaculation.

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