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Grand Promise

Added: August 15, 2022 | Runtime: 15:29 | 17,339 views

De-objectifying sex: In order to fully enjoy partnered sex of any kind, we must stay connected to the realm of possibility. It’s a practice that we must cultivate to begin each day with the determination to “start over.” For many gay men, this can be difficult, having been through all kinds of individual and collective trauma. We may not know how to get in touch with possibility.

It is a two-fold pathway. First, we must acknowledge what stands in our way. It’s the shit we tell ourselves on the inside and how we project this onto others. If we don’t acknowledge it, it continues to surface in our actions and reactions, restraining our abilities to enjoy life and pleasure.

Then, we must get inspired by something that is full of awe and wonder. We must touch this place daily within ourselves in order to continue opening even in the face of our deepest formative wounds. Make it a daily practice to view, listen to, or be in contact with something that inspires you.

Video concept by Finn Deerhart: http://www.finndeerhart.com

Recent Comments:
Beautiful! Romantic! Erotic!
So tender. So real. I could feel the emotion between these two guys. Amazing! This is definitely porn, but better!
Just a beautiful, and I totally agree with NormRon2, tender loving connection between two people. I was so wrapped up in the emotion that for me a cock wasn't even necessary. Some of your videos I don't watch to get off. I watch them because of the loving story lines and connection. However for the two guys in this situation a cock connection is the ultimate expression of love and intimacy. I did not really get hard in this story but I loved it because of the tenderness and emotion it stirred up in me. I agree, this is not porn, it is friendship and love.
The concept is incisive, the video excellent, the pairing again of these two fabulous men: all are good. I also liked the realism of the scene which didn't seem like just another video with same action arc that many follow--the ending in masturbation to orgasm is excellent. Left to the video itself, however, I would miss the notion of daily practice of inspiration. Is that just an add-on, or is it essential to the point of the video?
I find the chemistry between these two (in all the videos they do together) to be really exciting.
The inherent awkwardness of this—both in the vulnerable conversation and setting the scene in the back of an SUV—gave such a feeling of authenticity, that the connection these two portrayed felt real and genuine. There was patience and intentionality, a sense of appreciating the present and not just a race to the end.
romantic and visually magnetic! the kissing was absolutely the most amazing!
Davey, you are hitting on every sensuous impulse I have. More like this. So romantic, loving caring, blissful. Foreplay at its finest. The passion in the kisses and tender loving exploration of the body. the mutual engagement for pleasure and passion. Who ever wrote or said gay sex must always and forever be rough and aggressive was so off the mark. There is no reason why honest seductive gentle passion like this has to be avoided. Indeed it should be encouraged and shown in your videos more often.
Second comment. This has become one of my go to videos here. How I revel in making love and being made love to. Jack is so cute and attentive. Andre desirable, seductive, HOT! The emotions displayed and acted on in a truly consensual and giving way,,,well, we should all experience this in our lives.
What engaging and erotic tenderness. Irresistible. Thank you

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