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Good Game, Bro

Added: September 21, 2020 | Runtime: 13:50

This film is about bringing tenderness and affection into relationship to men’s perception of power through balancing athletic prowess and “bro culture” with nurturance and attuning to each other’s sensual needs. "Good Game, Bro" is a fantasy of what sports players long for from their teammates.

Though these models look the part of athletes, we also see them open up to each other in a very sweet, nurturing, caring way - something that athletes often struggle to do because of internalized misogyny and homophobia.

Video concept by Finn Deerhart: http://www.finndeerhart.com

Recent Comments:
This is truly one of my favorites. The spontaneity and passionate desire create a fantasy come true scenario. I would love to see a Part 2 of this with the bros going another round and flipping roles, possibly even including a teammate who happens to walk up on them
Davey Wavey
To be continued... :)
This video is hot. For me it had a good balance of fantasy, eroticism, and connection between the performers with a bit of that traditional porn feeling. The visuals and audio are beautiful; it is perhaps the best that I've seen and heard yet. I can't help but wonder if this could be more story-driven. I want to see these two explore that initial curiosity that had for one another. For example, there was an acknowledgement of the locker room gaze that was teasing one of the performers and then there's the guy who happens to be good at sucking dick. I think there's could be a lot explored in these two characters.
SO HOT! The guys...the setting...the music...the train whistles in the background... So evocative and sexy. Yes, more of these two studs, please.
I loved it. In addition to all the things I have come to appreciate about Himeros, this was a refection of most of my sex in my formative years. I either lived with roommates, or periods with my parents, so most of the sex i had was in my car, or truck. To the point that I still find it hot to have a good old romp in the back of my car, down a country road. Sorry Finn, i know that was not what you were going for, but this one really played into my thoughts of years gone by. I often think of those times fondly. And Davey, this was a jock strap movie. I love jock straps either wearing them myself, or admiring someone in one, but too often porn studios, lure you in with the idea of a jock strap only to have you disappointed by it being on the floor within 30 seconds of lights, camera, action. So well done. This one hit a lot of high points for me. Thanks again for all you do. Can't wait for the discussion on Friday. Billy.
Davey Wavey
Many of my first sexual experiences were in a car... I still remember the intensity of experiencing gay sex and the anxiety of possibly being caught.
Love the erotic quality and the natural flow of passion that flows between them. Thx you!
I always enjoy watching Andre and the dynamics he brings to films. Hope to see more of Jack in future films. Both have soothing voices.
Davey Wavey
Yes, they are both great models. And you'll definitely be seeing more with Jack. We just finished our second shoot with him... so there will be a bunch more videos coming!
For me, this is the best video: its incredible real, its fun, innocent.... Thanks Himeros Team for this reminder: stand up, show up with authenticity, trust and joy.
Whew! Beautiful sexual exploring by two friends discovering their hunger for each other. So hot and that top does drive it like a locomotive :)
I think this is by far the hottest video on the site. So many fantasies are shown in one scene. Please make more like this.
This is the first video as part of our "American Heroes" series. I wanted to share something that Finn wrote about the series to give it context: American Heroes is about assumptions of male power: where it lies, who has it, and how it is acquired. From the beginning of a boy’s life, he is told to “man up,” “be a real man,” “be masculine,” and many other harmful instructions that ultimately lead him away from his own heart. Masculinity becomes a performative act. He cuts off parts of himself that put him in touch with tenderness, empathy, and compassion. The dominance that the quintessential male seems to possess is likely built upon a substructure of falsity and the hope that no one will see him quaking on the inside. Gay men take on a enormous amount of projected male shadow, shame for our natures, disproportionate to the tenderness that we truly can offer the world. Yet, our gay sex reflects our deepest wounds; the men that we frequently desire bear the marks of our oppression. Bottoms are frequently shamed, “no fems” is a subcultural preference, and racism intersects sharply leaving non-white men further down the ladder. Beneath our fucking, the Erotic surges within us, enflaming our passions so that we might burn through the projections and heal the root that has been severed into Sex on one hand and Spirit on the other. American Heroes is an invitation to dismantle our shared ideas about men and to see them as complex beings that exert not only strength, but a spectrum of traits--beauty, nurturance, sensuality, gentleness, and love--traits that only a real man could possess.
^yep yep! 😉
What a beautiful film. So sensuous. So caring. Andre is already a favorite. Jack has a beautiful ass. Hope we see a lot more of him! 😊Thank you Finn and Davey.
So hot!. Both guys so into it. Loved it!😋
Incredible - can't wait for seconds or thirds or whatever. The chemistry between these two is off the charts, yet the tale is told without just being about lust - the beautiful day, the train, the pickup truck (grew up on a farm - yummy!), the sun, and, oh yeah, someone might drive this road any second. Hot! I always have trouble with your audios - on various devices. What I could hear was fun, sexy, hoping, hinting - dialog is good. This would be a wonderful longer film, with more getting to know one another, then finally giving in, then feeling the explosion. Would love to see the buildup and both guys being able to cum for one another.
Definitely evoked sensuality for both. The look on each of their faces as they broke the dialogue open. Both did a great job acting. I was hoping to see Jacks body more, as I think he is hot as fuck. Andre was not afraid to say what he wanted to happen. Awesome vid.