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Good Dick: The Brotherhood - Part 3

Added: February 27, 2022 | Runtime: 13:24 | 28,012 views

Welcome, Brother, to our Tribe. To become a full member of this brotherhood we invite you onto a quest of initiation. This quest will require your openness, your vulnerability, to display your ecstasy and pleasure loudly with intensity and through this journey you will open to a new possibility of who you are discovered through your experience of sex.

"Good Dick" is the third in a six-part series called "The Brotherhood" which was produced in collaboration with Tantra4GayMen.

In this video, the protagonist (Thyle Knoxx) continues his journey through the forest and comes upon a cruising spot. While looking on, Thyle sees the possibility of what's available between two conscious, open-hearted and loving men.

Video concept by Jason Tantra: http://www.tantra4gaymen.com

Cinematography by @bumlights

Recent Comments:
Love the sound... the moaning. Always gets me going. You definitely hear me when I'm coming. I'm always disappointed when others don't make a sound. And even worse, I hate asking, did you come yet? Loved this video. Thanks.
Beautifully filmed and reaching for something transformative. What I did not understand was the title: Good Dick. Yes there were some nice dicks but the theme seemed more wholistic, engaging the full body, voice and the soul.
Davey Wavey
"Good dick" is an expression. "Gimme that good dick!" It's when you get fucked deliciously. :)
A beautiful (though probably unintended) metaphor for how porn can help men develop richer erotic connections with one another--while making the Inner Pig very, very happy.
Drew and Jordan really seemed to meld. The erotism of the other couple watching, made me think of my husband and I using Himeros as part of our playtime as we sexually connect. This was a beautifully shot film and the music added to the excitement.
Lovely. Part 4, please.
Nice one...but the cutaways to the couple observing the ones getting down to business were distracting. Watch it again...at first the observing couple is fully clothed, then one of them is naked, then in sequence they are both closthed again, then one naked, then the other naked, and so on. Seemingly the editor did not have script continuity in mind. Otherwise loved the film, beautifully shot and performed by this man-candy team of actors!
One of my favorite places to meet other men in wooded areas! I enjoyed watching both couples but especially the one down on the ground! Usually I was more like the other couple hurrying things along! You never know when someone might show up!
Jordan is sensationally sexy - more please

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