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Golden Hour

Added: July 20, 2020 | Runtime: 19:58 | 22,457 views
In this video, we watch a dance of tension and boundaries between artist and subject. But in a reversal of typical power dynamics, it's the artist who is seduced. In this world of fantasy, the artist lays out boundaries, and the subject crosses them - again and again - in pursuit of what they both deeply want.
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Recent Comments:
Sometimes things happen ... It's is a very fine film ... I liked the way that it developed from the "professional relationship" & it slipped into something very different ... beautiful, erotic, and very natural / nothing contrived ... Also, they are beautiful men with great chemistry together ... thanks, Davey, for this ...
Good concept. Not very attractive to watch. Bleh
Another hot scene, and what i really liked is that the performers, although both very hot, do not reflect the typical gay male porn star archetype, and that the sex was much more fluid than typical porn scenes. It made for a much more authenticate and hot scene well done.
Sexy, intimate, hot!
Wow! Two beautiful, nicely endowed, and highly sensual guys. Boundaries were made to be crossed, apparently. A most lucky and fortunate photographer responding to the desires of his subject; and a most fortunate and lucky subject!
A wonderful sexy film that allows us to watch the blossoming intimacy of two authentic men. very hot. I am appreciating Nico more and more and looked back at prior films. He is sexy and authentic in each, but with distinct persona that is just right for each. i hope we see a lot of him--this may be his best, as a boyish seducer becomes a manly lover. thank you. Another example of why Himeros is unique and better than any other site.
Davey Wavey
Yes, it was so fun to see a different side of Nico! In "The Deep End", he embodies a much more dominating energy... it's fun to see him shift in this way.
Well done,I felt legitimate, honest passion flowing through them, not some typical predictive porn scene, if the one being photographed did not have a boy friend before the photo shoot, he probably does now.
Unlike many/most of your other scenes, this one has a standard or familiar porn film premise -- a plot that 's been around the block a few times. The models aren't as fascinating as others you've used. Disappointing.
Davey Wavey
Sorry that you were disappointed, but I find the connection between these two men to be quite authentic, profound and passionate. It's one of my favorite videos on the site... but each of us gets turned on and inspired by different things.
I had an intense orgasm watching this!
Davey Wavey
I think I had an intense orgasm watching it be filmed!
What is it with me and scruffy bad-boy types.... dayum!
I could feel this
Stefan Jax
Mmmm you had me at licking fox's adam's apple. So sensual. Another wonderful sensual male sex movie. Loved the top's loud orgasm at the end
Very homoerotic!
Wow...a fantasy come true! Passionate, sexual, and primal. Love this concept and very well done.
Oh, the tentative hand the second time Ty is fucking Nico's face [an exchange I find particularly hot in general]. He vacillates between grabbing Nico's head and becoming more of an aggressor, then lets his hand relax, fall back, accepting the passion being given. The repeated uneasiness of letting it happen versus taking charge of it more forcefully...exquisite. Nice also to see a long-haired gay man with some scruff and body hair...lovely. As always, a little too short for me. I find myself often on Himeros wishing I could create playlists of videos that would just follow one another. There are fes things I find less sexy than a computer mouse. Maybe I should do some tantric work with that.
Amazing camera work, capturing such interesting and beautiful angles of the actors bodies, lingering over their closed eyes, and conveying the heat and ecstasy of the moment. Loved how you played with the cliched photographer/model plot line and made it fresh by letting the actors raw passion come through. The models were quite attractive, but not too pretty— they appeared real as opposed to typical porn plastic. I think you’re really raising the art of erotic gay male film.
watch this one often, two real and sexy men connecting on many levels in a beautiful way. one of the super sexiest videos on this great site. keep it up1
I can't see the insertion. This is very frustrating. I luv these two models but this leave me wanting…
wow I've watched this more than once. It is so hot. The Chemistry between these two guys is amazing!
Davey Wavey
Definitely one of my favorites as well :)
Great video. Very exiting. I love the models in this video!
Great job editing. Excellent production. Was there bareback at end.
Definitely more of Ty please! So intense and raw and I love his tattoos (swoon)
Yes more Ty please. I love the bad boy quality to him, and he's just so fucking hot. I'd like to see him paired with a hot, hairy older guy.
Davey, PLEASE, one more video with Ty. Beautiful eyes, lips and overall a super sexy guy. He could make me orgasm by looking into my eyes. He is a perfect male specimen. Scruffy but cute as hell at the same time. Please feature him in a future video, he is worth waiting for. Super nice personality. Love his hair and I mean all of his hair everywhere.
I absolutely love the tension before sex. We need to see more of the ‘curious’ type guys seducing their straight friends. You’ve done a great job, so thank you!
This was one of your best!! The photog, subject--then the lovers! Wow! And, yeah, I came right along with the photog at the end. I'm becoming more and more comfy with anal play myself and maybe ... one day ... ! I'll have to be a bottom at my age and with lack of experience, but perhaps it'll be delightful. Meanwhile, I watch videos, bate with them, fantasize. Bate with friends on Zoom and can't wait to do mutual, frot, play with "live" guys!
A sincere and well-deserved congratulations to Nico (and Himeros) for receiving three nominations for Best Gy Sex Scene! I'm commenting here because I think this should have been Nico's fourth nomination...
Im 65.I came twice.
This is one of my favorites. I had to watch it again. Nico and Ty make a great couple. Each getting fucked is such a turn on. I love Nico’s body all the time. He is so fucking hot. Ty plays his part to perfection. Both cum shots made me want to lick up the cum and savor their seed. Awesome video. Thank you. Still definitely one of my favorites.
I have been gone for months. So nice to be back on Himeros.TV site again. I missed "My Boys"! Ty R. has been a favorite of mine for a few years. Such bad-boy beauty. Davy darling, thank you so much! You bring joy and satisfaction into our lives in a unique and very creative manner. Nico Nova, you are new to me, so nice to witness your beauty and charm. Loved it!

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