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Fuck Olympics

Added: September 12, 2022 | Runtime: 14:47 | 37,398 views

Welcome to the Fuck Olympics! The goal is not to cum; the last man standing (who has not cum) is the winner.

This scene is fun reversal on the usual hookup script - where the goal is to get off, often as quickly as possible.

Video concept by Jason Tantra: http://www.tantra4gaymen.com

Recent Comments:
What an interesting paradox. Get aggressive with a well built sexy guy, Really go at it full press. Get him and yourself aroused to the extreme. It's a competition to see who is best at NOT cumming. He who cums LAST wins! What a wonder to still see massive erections on both of them as the winner was about to be proclaimed. While the theme was consistent the brute struggle of body to body contact didn't do it for me. Wrestling videos never really have. It was great to see both actors utilize proper amounts of lube. I asked for that in a recent comment. Now make it common. What likely would have been more mentally engaging for me would have been a more tender scene where the scenario of two guys explore as many ways possible toward sexual pleasure. The longer they can go the more stuff they can do.
FUCK! That was HOT. So much raw masculine energy captured in that video. I got a raging boner instantly!
Great concept, good first try. Make this a creative challenge for submissions and you’ll have a chance at greatness. Fun!
Very hot energy!
Super fucking hot! These sweaty beautiful men sharing such primal, masculine energy had me hard as a rock and trying to be the last man standing ( I came in second place… lol). Fucking hot watching them making out after. Primal and sensual. Thanks guys.
Did the referee have to clean the cum stains off that antique carpet?
Hot AF. One of the best videos on the site.
First of all, where can I find a trainer so I can compete in this Olympic event? lol. This video is amazing. Man-on-man sex combined with wresting such as in this video is a total turn-on. I give this one a "thumbs up" (or other body part of your choice). Oh, and by the way ScrubJay144 -- yes, the referee had to clean the cum stains off that antique carpet!
Most invigorating sex I have ever seen - really got me excited!
This is by far my favorite Himeros video of all time. I come back to it (and cum) again and again. The raw energy of it is exactly what I long for in sex. It's so far above the mechanical nature of most porn. I would love to see this be a whole series with different competitors.
Wow this is private wrestling match how i love it too. Ethan is very strong aggressive wrestler with great physical needs to get fastly so strong testosterone level that he became sexual pressure in whole body-erected nippels and penis, bull balls bouncing and his muscle butt need urgently thick dark manhood to get calm down. Dillon knows how easy he can penetrate that straight simple guy front of generous gentlemen even not worrying to destroy that luxurious oriental carpet. After our coach ones asked few of us in the wrestling team to get similar kind of VIP matches by our eastern fans, we get also amazing experiences in those huge private house. I know exactly how Ethan feels as he is on his back with that huge circumcised sweaty cock trying entering his mouth. The only thing that is not cool even horned like crazy is sucking coaches leaking meat, or even staying lying on the floor after loosed match get punishment from all fans into the face lol

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