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Fuck Me With Your Whole Body

Added: May 20, 2019 | Runtime: 12:48 | 11,622 views

Fucking someone with your cock can be fun. But your entire body can be a hard-on.

In this video, two tantric instructors demonstrate the fun of whole-body fucking.

Video features Norm Self and Brad Amberheart. Video concept created by Brad Amberheart: http://www.bradamberheart.com

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Recent Comments:
Thank you for this wonderful birthday present -- you released it on my 70th birthday! It's one of your hottest, most beautiful videos ever! And it's the only video I've ever seen that shows what a great lover an older man can be. I'm looking forward to more videos like this -- and more sex like this!
It was a great video, but the older guy's laughing at every touch made it a bit of a turn off.. But a beautiful concept
Davey Wavey
Laughter is another form of orgasm!
This is an awesome resource and video to have in a time of age shaming. We can have great sex any time, and this is proof of that!
My husband and I (also cross-generational) make full-body love almost every morning, but at night time we just love to cuddle and hold each other in full-body embrace before falling asleep. I savor the feelings of being next to him, feeling his body, whenever I awaken at night....
Davey, it is so fantastic of you to show that older individuals can enjoy sex as much as anyone else. It is also an inspiration to younger folks that sex can continue into old age and be extremely enjoyable. We are all going to get there and it happens faster than you think. Norm is obviously a person who has taken care of himself and that goes a long way into having continued sex into older age. And also thank you for the mix of different people (in shape and not in perfect shape.). I applaud your efforts at showing real sex not scripted fake sex from all types of individuals and all age groups. Thank you again.
Davey, Thank you for including older men in your videos. I just turned 80; and I am still horny. I love this site.
Superb video,I find older men just the best lovers with all their experience they've acquired over the years. More of Norm please
Can't thank you enough for this video including others videos your doing, including us older gents. I'm 65 and am recovered from stage 4 prostate cancer 12th years ago. I had my prostate removed at that time along with the usual cancer treatments. I have a partner of 16 years, younger than me and has been a great help in bed with my ED challenges. I'm new to the Tantra sex but am looking forward to more videos. Even though I can't ejackulate, my Urologist was able to save all my nerve endings thus, with and without a hard on I can have multiple orgasims. Would love some day for us to attend a retreat. Thanks again for bringing more passion in our sex life!
I am very happy to see older people here..a lot of times we are ignored and tossed aside by younger ones..but we are Still very loving and sexually active! And having a lot of experience to share‚̧

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