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Forest Hookup

Added: February 12, 2018 | Runtime: 05:46 | 7,077 views

Through the sex you have with yourself and other people, you generate a lot of energy. How you use that energy is, of course, up to you. In today's video featuring a hot forest hookup, Brad and Maxim use their sexual energy for healing, growth and the creation of what they want in life.

You can learn more about Brad at http://www.bradamberheart.com.

Recent Comments:
Wow!!! This video shows incredible passion between two men who deeply love each other. Absolutely beautiful!!!
Brucein LA
Models were great but the video sucked. Too jumpy. It would have been better to take a long shot rather than jerking around to get the best angle.
Man-to-man loving relationship are beautiful at any age, portrayed here nicely between two mature men in a natural setting.
i wish every shot was more than 4 seconds. And also some scenes of gros plan (wider shot)from different angles so we can see two humans really interacting, how they play, how vulnerable are powerful are in front of each other.
Dave: I’m still closeted as a true Bisexual Polyamorous male, age 51. I share that fill expecting to receive some ridicule as many Gay men and almost all Straight men, deride Bisexuality, especial vivacious and energetic attraction and orgasmic relations with both men and women, one time hook-ups, Platonic (as Plato lived it), and romantic relationships are a wonderfully distracting gift that consistently takes me a way from the numbing and life draining demands of my work life. I was a complete, over the fringe Top the first 40 years of my life, 11 years ago in response to what could have been a life-destroying series of back surgeries, my pain doctor turned me on to Tantra and I attended a week long quasi-body electric seminar just for men. I was the only single man (not married or partners) but I discovered the life, sensuality and sexuality pleasures of Tantric meditation and love-making. It has saved my life! I urge you to not be discouraged by the complaints that we need hardcore... It took me six months-actually 8 months because I back slide 10 times avoiding my touching myself for sexual pleasure and release, under the loving guidance of a true Tantric teacher in Asheville NC for me achieve meditative orgasm control and over the last 9 years I have done my best to make the use of Tantric design in all my sexual encounters. The endorphin release of orgasming daily 2-3 times without physical stimulation has greatly reduced the amount of pain medicines i must take. I have not had a sexual partner in a decade who knew of my pain issues without me telling them. My sex life is joyful and much fuller than most of my male partners - with most all over-satisfied, some asking me afterward how did I know what to do. I admit to, after 25 years of being a dominant top in every sexual encounter, now enjoying bondage play because now I understand the freedom found in the absolute trust of submission. I have had several Subs that chose me as their Dominant because Tantra taught me not love pain, giving or receiving, as an ends in and of itself, but pain can be both a aphrodisiac, please intensifier and - at least as I apply it - a means to sexual perfection, Nirvana, without drugs. It was not until that originating Tantric training retreat nearly a decade ago that I first gave my ass to another man’s cock. I still enjoy being the pitcher but I cannot count the times that a day time hike, evening on the beach, multiple partner gathering, or an all night flip-flop fuck with many repeats allowed me beg to be entered, stretched, and filled by men that I trusted. All they had to do was look in my eyes and it was understood that whether it was me in them, or visa versa, I wanted their “whole” body, mine and spirit. I share this because your site has a place in the LGBTQ line-up of options, and I am proud to have been allowed to subscribe. I just shared your site with a male/female couple who asked me to be a part of their love-making. She was a Dominitrix with specific expectations but upon viewing several of your videos together over dinner she asked about heterosexual and lesbian sites with similar expertise offered. It was an unusual evening of play that had purely BDSM as well as complete immersion Tantric engagement. I’ve always enjoyed your YouTube channels but laud this project that I can tell you are deeply committed to. My last Tantric weekend for Gay Men was in London 8 months ago, though they are hosting two American retreats this year. I encourage you to expand to special group and/or couples exposure and training offerings. I would certainly work to get my network and friends to consider it. I assume you can track who sends these comments and without placing my personal contact info in this format I welcome receiving guidance on your possible expansion plans. You are an amazing man and I’m glad you are who you are! - Phillip, 51, Raleigh, NC
Andy ... Originally from NC
Love Phillips comment ... And yes this is by far the best video. Loved it.
I love these two men who are closer to my own age and liked their style of making love- taking their time , enjoying the moment and enjoying each other! I also liked to see them holding each other. I long for the embrace of another man.

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