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Forbidden Feelings

Added: July 6, 2020 | Runtime: 11:08 | 13,266 views

Sex can put us into a deeply regressed state. The best sex can, at times, put us directly in conflict with our own preferred self-images. We strive to be good boys, but we secretly long to be bad. We thrill at the shedding of restraint and surrender to the Erotic that moves through us. In the heights of pleasure, we can regress to wrestling, bringing in the emotional world is essential to creating an authentic connection in sex. To leave our emotions out of sex is to operate without our capacity to generate meaning. Without our feelings, we are performing. When we integrate our true emotional states into the movements of our bodies, authenticity and expression are born. Even anger can be transformed into deep passion and connection.

Concept by Finn Deerhart: http://www.finndeerhart.com

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Recent Comments:
This is one of hottest videos I've seen love the way the camera work is done to capture the essence of the experience...so sensual
Davey Wavey
Don't you feel like you're hiding outside the bedroom door, watching? Almost like we're going to get caught.
Beautiful concept and gorgeous video. Sexy as hell to see two guys into each other playfully! I love that they brought all of themselves to the experience, armpits and all. And the wrestling was fun. Great blending of the audio track with the video. I loved it!
The camera work captures the urgency of wild sex. Another distinctive, original --- and HOT -- scene. The actors are beautiful.
Davey Wavey
It's really one of my favorite scenes. It's so hot to watch these two guys wrestle, grind and connect. I want some of this!
Davey, being in my mid 50's, being closeted my entire life, and growing up in a time where based on professions, and otherwise, so hard to come out....as a young boy, I would be in "wrestling matches", that turn to laugh, but never any further, and deep down, would be hoping and fantasizing that something would turn into this, and never would.... what can I say? seeing images like this both hurts and helps, if that makes any sense at all... Believe it or not, as I get older, I am still working to come to grips with all of it, and making progress, slowly, and hopefully surely.... As always, thank you for this amazing community... You truly "get it", in a world where so many don't... Thank you, Thank you.....
Whew! ☆☆☆☆☆ Finn Deerhart, so this is the result of all of your erotic energy, eh? What a whirlwind!
Hot....hot....HOT!! While I/we tend to prefer slow and sensual love making/sex, there are times when we release our seemingly crying to be free internal animalistic desires and go "hog wild" in order to obtain just as satisfying results. In these times, multiple and various intense orgasms are often attained.
Davey Wavey
I was thinking the same thing! Whenever someone tells me they are going to fuck my brains out or destroy my hole, I tend to become disinterested. Destroy and hole aren't two words that I appreciate in the same sentence. But in this instance, I really appreciate the animalistic fucking.
Guy Rich
As others have said, the jerkiness of the camera makes me feel like I'm right there watching. Who doesn't have a wrestling fantasy? And love armpits. Awesome. Thanks!
Not a fan of the camera work and artistic style that is a bit overdone.
and this is what is meant "porn but better"!! great job, these two are a couple or just great actors..as said above they were into each other, hence making us feel we were watching outside their bedroom door..thanks for the great gift you give to us each and every week!
very intense scene. awesome conscept, hot guys, and great videography made for a very intimate video. well done.
Perfectly captures that moment when spontaneity meets lust. Grunt, sweat, laugh, and that animal urge to devour all combine into an intense desire. Primal and passionate... the very thing JP's ass does to me every time.
Laughing while wrestling--playing like the boys they (and we) still are--they shift to man play in a beautifully intense lovemaking episode. Nice!
I just joined. This is the first video I've watched on himeros.tv. I've been looking for something of this quality. I LOVE the affirmation of real feelings, and regressive sex as totally "appropriate" and wonderful fun. Looking forward to much more!
Davey Wavey
Welcome to the family! XO
I liked the concept, the energy, sounds, excitement, models, the lust, desire, and passion, all that was excellant. My issue was the closeness of the camera to the models, and the frequent blurry elements. Perhaps that was intentional for artistic reasons. While some closeup elements were indeed very erotic, perhaps less close ups would have improved the overall scene.
Davey Wavey
Thanks for the feedback. It was an intentional decision to capture the quick paced energy that the guys were embodying. But hopefully you enjoyed the scene nonetheless!
God, I felt like I was sitting there in an arm chair nearby. Very well orchestrated and edited. I can't get enough of Dubois, especially if the flip flops.
Davey Wavey
He is a treasure!
I take no pleasure in submitting negative comments, so I do not do so unless I believe it absolutely necessary. The videography is absolutely atrocious -- far too frequently unfocused and motion sickness-inducing. I felt nauseated. The amateur camerawork (no matter how intentional) ruined for me what could have been a standout scene among two great performers.
I keep returning to Forbidden Feelings as one of my favorites as it illustrates what many guys feel down deeply that wrestling is displayed as perfectly fine for on the surface boy play but really in our hearts we have feelings for wanting to be physically closer to one another through fucking instead of just wrestling on the surface. So fucking is a deep way of showing connection and swallowing your buddy's cum is one of the best ways of showing one's desire for ultimate physical connection. From manly wrestling to manly fucking - so awesome to view and enjoy.

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