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Fill My Hole

Added: July 13, 2020 | Runtime: 12:42 | 8,157 views

Sex begins in our minds.

The “gloryhole” has become an iconic symbol of projection, power, and animalistic hunger for the cock. You could be anybody, and I don’t care, because you are a projection of my desire.

For many men, it has felt the safest to express hunger for cock in anonymity. In reality, this dynamic is a kind of headspace that we can create with a fuck buddy or a boyfriend. It’s a powerful kind of role-play that we can stage and enter.

Try this with a familiar buddy. Find or make a gloryhole and role play. Use each other’s bodies to access the primal head space where you don’t even care who is on the other side of the wall.

This is about you, a cock, and nothing else.

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Recent Comments:
I can see the idea being hot for a lot of people, but not necessarily my thing. Although going out of your comfort zone can be a good thing, it would be a real departure for me. If I was with a partner that wanted to play around with it, I would be up for it, but I probably wouldn't initiate. Different things for different people. There obviously is interest in this for a lot of gay men otherwise there wouldn't be one in every bath house. Just my random thought. Thanks again for your great varied content, and can't wait to hear the discussion on it Friday when the podcast drops
Davey Wavey
About a year ago, I built an at-home glory hole. Even though it wasn't as high-risk as an actual public glory hole, I still found it quite erotic. When I was blowing the guy, I found myself getting a bit bored and wanting to touch the rest of his body... but when I was being blown, I found myself being transported. It was pretty fun. So perhaps trying something at home could be more fun for you!
Craig G
I love the pink light. Instead of the red light district it’s the pink light district!
I've had the wonderful experiences of being sucked and bated "anonymously" to orgasm in bathhouses. In one instance I knew the younger man on the other side who was drawn to me and I to him. Very powerful!
I came out and grew up with glory holes in bookstores. Was very hot but I enjoyed the chase as well. Wandering around looking for a hot guy to motion into another booth. I always wanted to know who or what was on the other side.

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