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Feel The Word

Added: March 15, 2021 | Runtime: 14:53 | 8,837 views

Whether it is religious, political or personal inhibitions that you’ve absorbed, question outside authorities that tell you to be silent about your desires. Feel the truth of who you are, for yourself. Find the authority in your own sense of self. Be filthy and gorgeous.

We may have lost our ability to communicate our own boundaries.

We may not know where our own boundaries lie.

We all must learn where to draw the line and when to speak up for ourselves.

Concept by Finn Deerhart: http://www.finndeerhart.com

Recent Comments:
That’s the kind of communion to practice: the wine of our bodies, the bread of our bodies, the meat of our bodies, the milk of our bodies. Amen.
I agree with giftwrap. The symbolism (which comes straight from the Bible) of ingesting the Word at the very climax of lovemaking underscores the fullness of unearthly Joy shooting out in creative Love. Nothing can stop it from coming. (And the pun is entirely intended.) Nice to have a very verbal video about the Word, too.
Two beautiful men making love ... not just "having sex," punctuated by the presence of the Word. Beautiful concept. Thank you Finn and Davey!
Firstly, I love how Bishop demonstrates how sexy consent and asking to do things can be. Secondly, what a concept... being someone who grew up Pentecostal I still have instances where I randomly feel shame as a result of being told how wrong and "sinful" expressing my love was. I love the symbolism of "eating one's words" retracting the hate or self-neglect one may have put onto oneself and embracing the truth inside, regardless of what anyone has to say about it on the outside.
0:33 Tasted his sweat, that's how good this is shot. Salty. Salty sweat. Not enough of it.
So much better here. Love the amplified sound of men-making-out. SFX. Madonna once said you haven't lived until you've had a man's tongue in your mouth. Okay so I haven't lived. Tantra and Jason will teach me. How to 'Live.'
BEAUTIFUL!!!! Bishop Black... Need I say any more. The pleasure it would bring to let him slap my ass, eat my hole, shove my face in his pubes, spit in my mouth and call me a greedy pig. Only to have him raw dive into my ass for his pleasure and shove a Bible in my mouth. Lord knows you can't even get through Genesis without debauchery and incest. MORE... GIVE ME MORE....!
Perfect casting, beautiful photography and productions values, amazing.
Great, hot sexy scene, with two hot men. JP has always been a personal favourite, and damn can bishop fill out a jock strap. Good examples or asking for consent and communicating for the most part with one disappointment. When Bishop went in for the second attempt at choking JP with his hands after JP had communicated it was a boundary for him, I found it a bit triggering. I know this is a controlled environment, but when you have the courage to communicate a boundary in real life, and someone first respects it, and then challenges it again, for me it would feel violating, and yes I have had a similar experience. thankfully it was when I was confident enough to get dressed and get the hell out. not all people have the courage to do the same, especially when they are just coming of age. i know this is to late to be discussed on the podcast as it is Friday morning, but will be interesting to see if anyone else has similar feelings. just a point of view from my personal experience. but other than that a very hot video.
Best jockstrap removal scene ever!
The chemistry between JP and Bishop is intense and raw. Everything comes together to show the desire and fulfillment through each action. I do agree with Brockb about Bishop reaching for JP's throat again after he had declined it earlier in the scene. It is great to show the ebb and flow of sex and how at each step there is the opportunity to check in and stay aware of our partner/s and our own consent, comfort, safety and pleasure/enjoyment.
My best male lover was into pits. I now strongly associate their sharp smell with hot macho male sex. He would always kiss me after so we could share the taste. Quite the realistic scene from my experience. JaHuLeS11 is right about the jockstrap removal. It must be noted that such moves are possible on all forms of male underwear. Cocks feel it all, even heavy breathing through damp cloth. Although sometimes called teasing, what I saw was taking a little more time to enjoy the arousal process. JP knows how to take it deep, a great skill to have. The best fucks got through a number of positions with pauses to breath and relaxing in between the times they join again. That was all happening here. A hot video on multiple levels as I stroked, fingered, and smelled my pits again. Thanks.
I want to be looked at while fucking, the way PJ looks at Bishop when he's on his back. Those moans and light talk about consent was incredibly real and engaging. PJ was built to top and tops all the time for us in this industry but boy howdy is it clear here how much he loves to get plowed too. I've watched this more than once shall we say. Good work guys.
wow... just HOT!

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