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Faith Of Our Fathers

Added: April 17, 2023 | Runtime: 15:45 | 21,608 views

For many of us, we have not had the support of our fathers or cultures to flourish. We may have reached adulthood deeply missing what was never there: a father who demonstrates compassionate strength and who models a healthy emotional life. Our fathers, too, were reared in cultures that forced them into narrow categories of manhood, often driving them to sever parts of their psyches in order to live up to expectations. We carry pain over unmet needs from fathers well into our adult lives. Many of us find surrogate father figures that help us along our journeys--some of whom are erotic connections, while others are platonic, instructive, and nurturing. Some of our father figures are a mix of all of these necessary spheres of interaction between men across generations.

In order for us to be free from our father-wounds, we must strive to cultivate forgiveness, understanding, and a profound capacity to be our own best fathers--the image of what we needed translated into the choices that we make for ourselves and how we relate to others.

Video concept by Finn Deerhart: http://www.finndeerhart.com

Recent Comments:
not many directors could go smoothly from a discussion about absent fathers to a bout of assplay. well done
I enjoyed listening to the different guys stories about the interactions with their fathers. I didn't have the best relationship either. It kind of hit home with me. I was wondering if each guy was telling their own true story or was that scripted?
Davey Wavey
Yes, I enjoyed that part as well. Each guy is sharing their own true story.
Chemistry! These beautiful men have it in abundance! Outstanding!

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