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Ed's Sacred Intimate Session

Added: July 17, 2023 | Runtime: 15:39 | 35,470 views

A sacred intimate session is a time set aside for one lover to be attentive and supportive of another. A shocking number of men never have had the opportunity to actually ask for anything they want from an attentive, caring lover. All too often, when we get together to have sex, most of our energy and attention is consumed with thoughts like “am I pleasing him?” or “I wish he fucking knew how to make love to me.” Many times, both people are trying so hard to please the other or get what they want that no one is actually receiving anything!

We’ve decided to create a series of videos to show what happens when one or more lovers make a conscious decision to be completely attentive and available to another for a period of time known as a Sacred Intimate Session. Our ultimate wish is for these videos to empower duos, trios and groups of lovers to begin actively practicing the fine art of Sacred Intimacy.

You’ll also notice that Rusty frequently speaks affirmations for Ed’s life while indulging him in whole-body pleasure. When we begin to return to the innocence and beauty of sexual play and fun with other men, we’ll start to recognize that our play sessions are a perfect space to remember those we love—even our parents, relatives, and children—and hold love for them in our hearts.

Concept by Brad Amberheart: https://www.bradamberheart.com

Recent Comments:
So beautiful, so loving, it left me with deep emotional feeling. Ed is such a kind and loving man who craves love and intimacy and Russell is just the kind of man who knows how to give him that love and affection. The kindness and deep caring of Ed and Russell together is so inspiring. Russell did not just have sex with Ed, he made true passionate love to him. It really made me feel good. I too would like to have love made to me that way.
Rusty is a sex god. More of him please.
Very, very nice.
This is one of the all-time bests. So erotic, so loving, so truly energizing. The way Ed and Russell connected was amazing. The giving and receiving is truly beautiful. Two amazing lovers in the highest sense. Thanks for sharing this intimacy.
Thank you for this beautiful and poignant episode. So erotic and loving.
I would love to spend some intimate moments with Russ. I could almost feel Ed’s pleasure as his passion erupted on his stomach . Every male should have this experience.
Davey, I recall some years ago on your YouTube channel you mentioned turning down an older dude because as you said you aren't (or weren't) into them (us). I thank you for posting this video of Rusty and Ed as there are many of us Eds out here. I so desire a loving encounter and even relationship just like this. Ageism is real but shouldn't be. Ed was honored here especially well by Rusty. It would be great to see more videos with us older guys and I hope you will be providing more of them soon.
Ed's humanity glows here, as it did in earlier videos in some compassionate exchanges with Tiger Tantra. Thanks to Russell for lovingly paying tribute.
What a pleasure to be with someone my age! And bravo for introducing the sacred intimate. We all should have one to heal our erotic wounds. Have a great Coach event Finn and looking forward to being with Davey at EM!
Ed ❤️❤️❤️❤️ He’s my fantasy ~ Ha :)
I subscribe to Fans Only on Erotic Engineering website so I have seen many solo videos of Russell. It was wonderful seeing him relate to Ed in a way he is not able to in those videos. I am 84. I wish I had been in Ed's place. So tender and loving.
In other videos with older men the models did not agree to suck or fuck them. I am so glad Rusell was willing. So loving and tender.

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