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Ecstatic Ass Eating

Added: September 24, 2018 | Runtime: 07:20 | 5,269 views

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The time has come for us to actively demonstrate what we haven’t been seeing in gay ass-eating erotica up till now. The fine art of ass-eating REALLY IS a fine art, seldom (if ever) portrayed in gay erotica. True ass-eating pleasure requires a deep HEART connection between the giver and the receiver. The giver must tune in completely to the receiver, and the receiver must allow himself to feel completely safe to feel all of his emotions—whatever they are—from tears to moans of pleasure to shouts for joy or the release of past traumas. Ass-eating is—genuinely and truly—a healing process, which, when done properly, is inevitably SUPER hot. This video is inspired by Brad Amberheart: http://www.bradamberheart.com
Recent Comments:
I don't get it?? so much hype for nothing! and why is Brad wearing shorts?
Sweet video. I really love the building up and demonstration of that principle. Reminds me to slow down even more and cherish every little step along the way in connection. I also love this video description. I have had many intense feelings come up while having my ass eaten in the past, and it's been so healing to let go and let in every bit of pleasure. It's so amazing! Hugs.
Wow! I'm really blown away by this video! I think I had forgotten just how much really good RIMMING actually depends on a whole-body, whole-heart connection between two lovers. The fact that this video was filmed in nature really excites me! I love the nature sounds, and yes...the step-by-step voice guide is really, really helpful. I think a lot of us can learn from this. Thanks again, Davey, for mixing in some really great erotic INSTRUCTIONAL videos, along with all of the other incredibly juicy and hot flicks you've been churning out lately! I feel so excited by what you're doing. Love, Tony.
John Hules
Nothing can be more intimate than putting your mouth, your tongue on and through the magical gateway to your lover's inner sanctum that your penis also knows so well....
this is hot, but more rosebud would have made it better and hotter! Have you considered doing a video focused on our balls? a neglected topic in gay sex.
For two years in a row, I met a man on Wednesday afternoons. He would spend a long time on just my ass, and I would blow loads without any direct stimulation of my cock, which was rock hard from the minute I walked up his front steps. I try to emulate him when I'm topping.
More Brad Amberheart. Want to see him do more fuck videos for sure. He is so sexy.

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