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Devil's Kiss

Added: June 8, 2020 | Runtime: 11:22 | 7,507 views

During the years of the witch hunts, many believed that witches worshipped the devil and paid him homage by kissing his ass. Often referred to as the "osculum infame", the devil's kiss is mentioned in nearly every single recorded account of a witches' sabbat and countless confessions. It was called the kiss of shame because it was generally regarded as an act of degradation.

According to the allegations, witches would give the kiss of shame at the beginning of the sabbat, after the devil had read the names of his followers. They would approach him by crawling or walking backwards, turn, bow and kiss his posterior. It was believed that this kiss was required for a new witch to be initiated, and the kiss was followed by feasting.

Our general culture’s attitudes about sex and pleasure are often deeply rooted in the shadows of shame. To be openly gay is to bear this projection shamelessly, even more so on behalf of those who are not able or willing to claim their own animalistic drives. At once, our deepest sexual cravings can put us at odds with our own preferred self-images as civilized “good boys,” as well as, face-to-face with our innermost demons - jealousy, contempt, the desire to possess and consume another, animals that need to feed on others to survive. Religion has collectively named these shadowy human qualities, the Devil.

Playing with another man’s ass demands that we release our culture’s attitudes and inhibitions about the body and its longings. The ass, a symbol in times past of deep depravity, holds an enormous erotic potential - especially when kissed deeply... tongued... sucked... and worshipped for its sensitivities, the potential within to make its man shake... moan... beg to be fucked. For the man who kneels before you and takes your hole in his mouth, uphold him with deep respect. It is a sign of ultimate submission and a breakdown of moralistic boundaries that have been in place for centuries. Honor each other with the Devil’s Kiss.

Video concept by Finn Deerhart: http://www.finndeerhart.com.

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Recent Comments:
Definitely magical! My husband and I love honoring each other with the Devil’s Kiss. Will have to make it magical by adding some candle ambiance. Thank you for yet another beautiful video.
Davey Wavey
So glad you liked it! We actually filmed this video during right around the summer equinox, just under the arctic circle. It was sunny almost the entire day - and the magic was very much alive.
Loved it. very romantic setting, and I could feel the connection between the performers. a rarity in mainstream porn.
The cum scenes have an intimacy -- a feeling of watching something personal and private -- that is rare, if not even entirely absent -- in porn, or even mainstream filmmaking.
What a gorgeous video. So sensual. So inviting. Having the devil’s kiss, as beautiful as this one is, should be a goal for all gay and bi men.
Davey Wavey
John H.
The title could be "The Devil Kayden Kisses the Angel Gabriel." But really, they're both angels.
Kissing the rosebud, squeezing their stems....
Gorgeous, sensuous, intimate, sexy! I loved it.
Loved the spelling game!!! Play and humor is sexy to me!
One of the most erotic things I do with my boyfriend is let him rest his ass on my mouth, while I makes out with it with my tongue. It's wonderful to see this act honoured in this video! Though I do especially like when he reaches forward and sucks my cock as I lick him there

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