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Devil Inside

Added: July 31, 2023 | Runtime: 17:02 | 38,251 views

Death-drive: The drive that manifests in the psyche as a tendency toward self-destruction, or more precisely - the elimination of tension--which can also be turned outwards, whereby it becomes aggression. Pleasure is only known in the context of pain, and vice versa.

Desire is a relentless hunger. It eats us from the inside driving us to oscillate between the myriad parts of our personalities as we attempt to satiate the devil of ceaseless wanting. It takes many forms: sex, food, material, power. In its most noble form, desire links us to the creative vortex from which we have been birthed and leads us to peaks of human experience. Without desire, the universe could not flower, nor would our bodies ripen and surge with the sweet fires that consume us.

On the other hand, desire that is unbalanced by will can lead us to the suffering of obsession, self-destruction, and emptiness; we become prisoners of our own devices. Unrestrained desire then becomes a devil, a drive to alleviate the tension of being in a body that wants and wants without end, a brazen hastening towards death. Indeed, it is a delicate balance to burn yet not be consumed.

This paradox is central to man’s spiritual journey: to be rooted in the earth as an unbridled animal, as well as to surrender to the Divine image, the ultimate object of his lust. Each of us must learn for himself how to contain his own fire, and then to cultivate it, and to co-create the containers in which we are able to burn through our dead matter in prolific flames while bolstering our abilities to focus them towards the evolution of our psychic landscape: sex as a vehicle towards spiritual enlightenment.

Video concept by Finn Deerhart: http://www.finndeerhart.com

Recent Comments:
As is often the case, I only read the introduction after I'd watched the video. Interestingly, watching this I was fascinated by Alex's insatiable lust for cock. Playing off the title of the movie, I kept thinking about "devil," encouraged by the flashing red light (a symbol that says "Watch Out!"), musing about how many people take Satanism as a form of entertainment, and how many take it as a form of devotion. Maybe for some, it's both. All that said, my own lusts were aroused and inflamed by this scene. The scenes of eating a well-fucked ass I found scorching hot. The sight of a room full of guys masturbating while awaiting turns to fuck I found orgasm inspiring. But I was also aware of some tension I was feeling, an ambivalence about it all. So, Finn, your concept works for me: containing of the fires of passion is tricky. I suspect that the archetype for this is Icarus. Fly too close to the flame and the wings that hold you up will melt, and you fall into the ocean of The Unconscious. And great is the fall indeed. But as in Auden's poem on that theme, the ship in the distance (i.e., the ordinary world) sails calmly on, oblivious to the dangers of untamed passion, the tragedy of the fall, and ignorant of the possibilities of pleasure that creates, not destroys.
Great idea--this setup is a fantasy of mine. But a little difficult to watch when it was strobing.
Of all the video’s you have produced I just can’t watch this one. The constant flashing red light and darkness is distracting and causes me to have a headache. This is such a shame as usually the videos are excellent quality. Please consider the lighting effects on your viewers next.
All I can say is “wow”. Amazing scene, music and lighting. I almost felt like i was Alex and getting the intense attention and cock every way from all these beautiful men. This video creates a new fantasy for me of substituting for Alex in your video and getting cock every way that is so wonderfully choreographed and videoed in this piece. Best video even guys. Nicely done. And if you need a replacement for Alex for a sequel … ;)
idea of group breeding is good, but the red flash light and also the music is confusing in my opinion. Too bad…

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