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Davey's Foot Fantasy

Added: February 26, 2018 | Runtime: 08:18 | 16,574 views
When it comes to feeling pleasure, Davey's feet are one of his most sensitive erogenous zones. And who could resist getting their toes sucked by Troy Accola?
Recent Comments:
This scene is the first which I really like it. If you create more of these scenes, without advices, I could be a fan of your page.
Arne S.
I liked the video, I enjoyed the slow and soft touch, with caring respect (but the music was annoying!)
Will there be "Davey's Nipple Fetish Fantasy"? Where we will see Davey's nipples be sucked and played with?
Idk why davey doesn’t get naked too it’s odd that everyone in all the other vids do but he doesn’t
Need Davey naked! :)
An erotic "shrimping" scene as Davey's partner strokes his gorgeous cock to orgasm--all the time "feasting" on Davey's feet. As with Matt, I wish Davey would share his nudity with his partners and with us....
Incredibly HOT....but just getting started...
Davey, I don't get it - this site is about celebrating the sex and eroticism between men, and most of the guys featured are depicted as most men would be when enjoying sex - naked. Only you you seem to be chaste and Puritan.
"Do as I say, not as I do?" While there is a beauty and lesson in all of these videos, until you're ready to BE naked, Davey, I don't think you should be "talking" naked and its benefits, etc. Teach by example... that will accomplish the most! Thanks for this beginning...
Yes Davey! When will you "Wavey" your package at us. Come on, don't be a tease. You know you want to show us!
Odd. I really didn't find myself caring about clothes or nudity, though I did expect both men to be nude as I began watching. But I am carried away with the male foot. For me it is highly erotic and aesthetic more than an appendage for kinky sex. The eye contact, the slow deliberate sucking and stroking, the playful swinging, the rubbing of foot against chest, face, cock: all had me masturbating in rhythm with Troy. I'm not necessarily among them, but there are plenty of men who find the one-man-clothed, one-man-naked arousing in itself. Rubbing a foot in cum and then feeding the cum to the partner from the foot-- that's damn near the apex of eroticism for me.
Enjoyed the video and I enjoy the site but I joined in hopes of seeing Davey nude. Great site but I really was hoping that Davey would be a nude star in his own movies.
This was one of the most erotic gay movies I've seen. However, I agree that Davey should have slowly stripped, too, so that we could see his arousal from the foot teasing. I hope this becomes an intensifying exploration of foot inspired sexual pleasure. I would increase my membership based on that journey.
I loved to absence of dialogue -only the sounds of nature (the birds and frogs and insects). I am not usually a "foot" guy - and I do not think this video converted me - but it was very EROTIC and very SENSUAL. I actually enjoyed it much more than I anticipated I would ! The eye contact/communication between Davey & Troy added an extra element that was unexpected - but very enjoyable. This was of this highest quality - which is something that I have really come to relish - with HIMEROS videos.

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