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Cuckold Me, Love

Added: May 3, 2021 | Runtime: 14:56 | 15,710 views

In a relationship, cuckolding is when one partner watches their partner have sex with a third person. Unlike a typical threesome, the partner who "watches" abstains from physical engagement.

In couplehood, we seldom truly leave behind the threat of being separated. In best cases, we develop deep trust with each other, using the best tools that we have. Even in the strongest of bonds, to acknowledge the potential of what exists outside of sexual exclusivity can be perceived and immediately experienced as a psychological threat. We feel this in our visceral reactions of jealousy, envy and our desires to control.

These are natural reactions to threatening experiences. At the same time, deep within our hearts and minds, many of us can feel desires that go beyond our partnerships, triads and polly pods. We feel our own inner conflicts to stay safe while maintaining an adventurous spirit. While some of us might rather seek tighter containment and forgo outside sexual connection, others of us may shy away from containment all together - so much so that it becomes difficult to build trust. There is as thin a line between security and rigidity, as there is between flexibility and chaos. Every relationship must negotiate its own needs, wants, boundaries and ways of holding each other closely, as well as, strategic ways to manage the paradox of safety vs. freedom. Everyone involved thrives within a bond that encourages personal evolution.

When a relationship feels ready to increase capacity for playing with outside forces, one exciting way to integrate the mythical β€œthird” into a partnership is the threesome or cuckold scene. Deep honesty can be thrilling, both to ourselves and to our partners.

Video concept by Finn Deerhart: http://www.finndeerhart.com

Recent Comments:
I'm sorry Davey...this video did not give me the sense that they were enjoying it at all. I hope I didn't miss something trying to be shown.
I LOOOVED IT. This one hit all the high erotic notes for me personally so thank you, but more importantly it also had some really good modelling of how to navigate adding a partner. First I liked how they considered how it could change their friendship. My experience witnessing friends open up relationships, is that not a lot of negotiating occurs between partners, let alone how inviting a friend in could alter the friendship. I can see on the surface how it could appear safe as it is someone you know, but it is also a great way to quite literally fuck up a friendship. I also like how Kayden wore a condom during the scene, For me it would be an important distinction between sex with my partner which I prefer to condomless , but if I and a partner were adding a third, i would prefer it to be with condoms. For me it's an intimacy thing. Great concept Finn, and excellent delivery Davey and Team. I definitely think you should consider it for the "Best of" Category. Looking forward to the discussion Friday
I thought it was a cool video. I agree with Brockb concerning the use of the condom. I too reserve barebacking exclusively for my partner, yes it is an intimacy thing for me too. I totally enjoyed the concept. But I would like to comment on the lighting. I am a big fan of the way Himeros uses lighting techniques to enhance the videos. But for me the lighting in this video was a little off. It was kind of like looking into a room filled with cigarette smoke which made some of the scenes hazy. Also I was wondering if the camera action at the beginning was intentional, the back and forth action between the 3 characters? It reminded me of when I had a big VHS camcorder resting on my shoulder. But as always, I enjoyed the video very much.
These three models were perfect for this scene, with their existing chemistry and connection as friends. The negotiation was a great aspect to include and I appreciated a lot that this wasn't done from a humiliation perspective as a lot are.
This is a good video. Fantastic!
Why was one excluded? It would have been much less manipulative if he was welcomed into the experience. He was there but as an observer. Not really a participant. Please stop trying to prove something that is just not there. These episodes are not loving and prove to be more disturbing than anything. I call bullshit
Davey Wavey
Cuckolding is when one partner is turned on by his partner being with someone else. It's a bit different than a threesome.
Great video! One of Himeros’ best. Such an excellent portrayal of compersion. 5/5 whether πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ† or ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
The Himeros Live conversation about this video was one of the most interesting I have watched. Regrettably, there were several audio/video issues that stalled the conversation in the first 36 minutes that I abandoned it. I hope that it can be repaired and will be available to watch in a day or two!
Amazing video. It surprised me how much it turned me on.
I would normally post this under the podcast comments but since wooder43 posted here, I will too. Wooder, my audio and video came through crystal clear. Maybe you had a bad connection? And I too enjoyed the conversation. I really enjoyed the guest speaker. I love these podcasts because not only are they fun but they explain the video and teach you a thing or two. I have heard the term Cuckhold but never knew much about it, only knowing it involved a third person. Now I have a full understanding of what it involves. After having a full understanding, I can see where it could be fun and hot for many couples but I'm not sure about it for me. But it is great that Himeros brings it to life and shows all of the variations for having fun with sex. A great service Davey and Finn.
I really enjoyed this from so many perspectives as I've been in the role of all three guys. One aspect that I found especially enjoyable was the candidness that was portrayed. There were times that the partner watching looked a little apprehensive, even though he was in agreement with what was going down. The others were cognizant and aware of the partner watching, and included him at times. The laughter and humor that was present seemed very real, and is important with these types of interactions. Well done. Thank you!

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