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Creating Tantric Chemistry

Added: November 16, 2020 | Runtime: 15:39 | 8,760 views

Most men believe that sexual chemistry is either there, or it isn’t, and that there is nothing you can do to change it. Yes, chemistry can happen naturally, but it is possible to greatly enhance it and even create it from nearly nothing with the right skills. This learned ability begins with setting the intention and having the desire to connect. With just a few minutes of a focused, connection exercise, chemistry can develop that will amplify the attraction and desire for intimacy between two men. In this video we see a potentially awkward hookup turn into something hot, ecstatic and fun.

Video concept by Will Tantra: http://www.tantricfitness.com

Recent Comments:
I loved the intimacy created by eye gazing and breathing together!
I know I sound like a scratched vinyl record but you have the only site that is educational, erotic and showing sex and relationships as if it were real life people having sex. Not a scripted boring movie. I commend you for that. I actually find myself going back and re-watching the scenes. In this scene the bottoms orgasm was like fireworks on the Fourth of July. I could feel the pleasure he was having. Sometimes I wonder if the prostate being constantly massaged from all the thrusting causes that excessive burst of pleasure. You would think it would be the top that erupted like that but I know each person is different. My dick thanks you too because every time I go back and watch your episodes and sometimes just thinking about them makes him rise to the occasion. I don't always jack at the time but the episodes sure makes me pre-cum.
Two handsome, intimate, sexy, erotically charged guys building and redirecting sexual energies. Fantastic orgasms had by both with delicious results. Thanks.
After watching this episode, the idea that you can autmatically connect sexually, with someone you randomly met on an app, just by opening the door, and "getting down to it, " seems a bit preposterous. if I had these skills earlier, i could have salvaged a lot of hook ups which ended up being more about getting off and getting out versus actually having an enjoyable time. Thank-you for actually demonstrating skills to turn a hook up going downhill fast to one that could be salvaged, and turn into an enjoyable experience. Very practical, and hot at the same time.
Davey, you didn't provide any information about the models. What are their names?
Davey Wavey
Ops! I forgot to add them in. It's Tannor Reed and Seth Knight!
I endorse the premise of this video 100% -- I've experienced it many times with complete strangers in sex and intimacy workshops. My problem with the video is that it gives a dumbed down, speeded up version of intimacy exercises. The eye gazing and touching and breathing exercises need to be done very slowly so the partners can sync up with each other. In one workshop, we spent ten minutes on the ritual of removing each other's clothing. Granted, it's a lot more fun to do these exercises than to watch them, so I can understand why the video rushes through them -- but then it fails to demonstrate its point. It takes a little time to establish a connection.
An older top, the dom, and a more-than-willing, younger sub who bottoms for him....
Scrolled past this the first few days it was out cause the guys didn’t really catch my eye. Watched it tonight and came 4 minutes and 10 seconds in. I should really not learn to judge a book by its cover.
In enjoyed watching these two beautiful men having sex and wish I was there with them!
Wow this was amazing the 3rd time I watched this! The chemistry and energy was amazing! Ooh with hands on table with deep breathing and clothed my dick gets a natural hard erection!

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