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Cook While You Fuck

Added: August 7, 2017 | Runtime: 02:50 | 11,577 views
Cook While You Fuck features Calvin Banks and Derek Maxum and is inspired by Brad Leaf Amberheart. Learn more about Brad and his work at: http://bradamberheart.com. So you know I don’t mean fuck standing up in front of your stove, right? You know I don’t mean that… even though I must say, I have done that... Sample list of ingredients (be creative!): - 1 onion, garlic cloves, 1 or 2 other favorite vegetables such as bell peppers or a favorite leafy green - Favorite pasta/rice - Favorite fresh meat or other protein such as a can of beans - An assortment of fresh herbs (rosemary, thyme, oregano… or just a ready-made pesto) - Red Wine (optional) - oh, and… a fuckbuddy or lover (optional) This is a great thing to try on a lazy weekend day, or when you have a whole evening free. The idea I’ve proposed here is broad-ranging in possibilities, so for starters, I’ve recommended a sort-of Italian-esque flair, which can be modified to your liking. The key is to have an array of ingredients available, and to use the ones which most speak to you. This makes grocery shopping easy. Your foods become like your palette of paints. In this way, you’re not chained to a recipe, but are immersed in a spirit of fluidity and creativity which resound with the movements of your body, your mind, your freedom, and your FUN! YEAH! OK, so here’s what we’re going to do: 1. Fuck. This has nothing to do with what you insert where, or whether you’re by yourself, with a lover, or having an orgy. By “Fuck,” what I mean is raise your erotic energy and thrive in it. Creatively pleasure yourself in all the ways you know how. Enjoy! Stay with it for a good solid hour. This experiment might be made ever-more-interesting if you don’t cum before you cook. Envision your ecstatic delight infusing this food with passion and pleasure. Yum! 2. Cook. Begin to assemble your ingredients. YOU get to cook whatever you like! For those without an idea in mind already, I’ve suggested a simple sauce over pasta or rice. Put on on your pasta or rice to boil. Cut up your vegetables and meat (if applicable). Dance and move your body! Wear something sexy that feels good against your balls and enjoy the hard-on you’ve stirred up by all that hot lovemaking. Are you noticing how much easier it is to cook when you’re relaxed and unhurried, and how much you’re enjoying the sensations in your body while you make this nourishing meal? Take your time. Just like lovemaking, cooking is best enjoyed when savored at a delectable pace. Also, when there’s no rush, you’ll find that your creative body and mind will have great ideas for how you want to season this food, how long you want to slowly cook those onions to caramelize them…. Begin tossing onions in a pan with coconut oil or favorite higher-temperature oil to let them cook slowly. You can later add other vegetables as you feel called. The idea is to let them cook slowly enough that you can stand back and pleasure your body every now and then in between cooking. If you’re cooking with meat, be sure to add it in strategically with enough time for it to fully cook, or or cook it in a separate pan and add it whenever you like. Does cooking and self-pleasure seem like an odd combo? Let go of your worries and join a new evolution in FUN. It’s easy to wash your hands with warm water and soap when you go back and forth from self-pleasure to cooking… Somewhere in there, take a one or two or 5-minute break (you can even turn the heat OFF for 5 minutes if you want to) and go thrash your naked body around on your bed and rub your cock against the sheets and giggle to yourself about what a fun and wonderful and devilishly silly experiment this really is…. 3. Eat. Eventually—before you know it, really—a meal will appear before your very eyes. Now, sit, and enjoy it, naked as a fucking jay-bird if you like. You could have your meal sitting up in bed… on a sunny porch in your underwear or out in the sunshine on a big blanket… even in a hot bath that you draw during one of those 5-minute breaks when you turn off the burner and go pleasure yourself. If you’re sharing this experience with a lover or friend, maybe sit close to one another and take slow bites while looking into one another’s eyes, talking less, and simply enjoying! Bon Apetit!
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