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Connect The Dots

Added: May 18, 2020 | Runtime: 23:51 | 4,151 views

In this video, Brad Amberheart and Will Tantra will demonstrate cock-u-pressure techniques to the class, and help the men discover their erogenous zones through a step-by-step process.

The aim of this video is to demonstrate a series of specific cock-stimulation techniques and body positions designed for lovers to excite each other. Viewers will learn how to “connect the dots” and create erotic energy circuits to enter into a state of mind-blowing perpetual bliss.

Viewers will know how to:

  • Enjoy cock-to-cock stimulation
  • Discover positions to activate natural highs in the body.
  • Use the mouth, belly, ass, and other parts of your body to excite and arouse lovers, all while using hands to move energy from his cock and balls to activate the body.
  • Position the body in a way which maximizes friction, pleasure and out-right excitement with your lover!
  • Activate whole-body orgasmic circuits using juxtapositions of hands, hearts, feet, cocks, balls, and hot ass.
  • Discover and positively identify all-out fuck-zones all over the body.
  • Learn how to FUCK each other’s brains out (literally send their mind away on vacation) before they even get around to penetration!
Video concept by Brad Amberheart.
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Recent Comments:
Thank you for this great video! Could you please tell me about the music? Thanx!!!
Davey Wavey
Glad you enjoyed it! The music is from here: https://www.premiumbeat.com/royalty-free-tracks/lux
Great video! It’s hot to have a how to video again. Got some new ideas to try. I loved seeing the guys experimenting with what they were learning. Thanks.
Once more you present a gathering of gay men that is realistic in its range of ages and backgrounds. This approach is as valuable as the advice in the segment. I can see myself in this group -- I'm not intimidated by (bored) models. What you create goes beyond porn, I think, to something quite valuable and useful.
Davey, thank you for this. Informative, instructional, and practical. I would love to see more of this through time, as others have said, this is beyond porn. It makes any of us feel “whole” and able to bring pleasure to our lovers with true joy and varied styles. I loved every moment. And thank you to Brad. Brad is easy to understand and implement his techniques. Thank you Davey. You bring so much incredible value and content. You’re awesome!
I am 67 and only now realize, by watching this particular video, how in my head I have lived out my sexual and intimate life. Besides all the ways of connecting demonstrated, what leaps out of the screen to me is the freedom and joy and matter-of-factness of everyone there. It has been such an opening for me. THANKS!!!
Davey Wavey
You're so welcome. It's not your fault... So many of us have been conditioned to have sex in the exact same ways, over and over again. We see it in porn, and then we replicate it in the bedroom. But there is so much more!
Davey Wavey
** FYI - You can now stream Himeros.tv videos on your smart devices like AppleTV. Enjoy **
Pedro Kepa
Absolutely fantastic. We need more videos like that. To learn, to enjoy. For me this is the top of Himeros. please more lessons, more Brad, more Will. The best of the best. In this way Himeros can be a superb Tantra Academy.
Justin Fong
I love how this video taught me about how to increase intimacy with your partner. Awesome video!
Wow! My husband and I love oiling up and rubbing pelvis and cocks together, sliding up and down each other’s body, often to the point of orgasm. This definitely takes things to another level and we will be trying these new moves. Thanks Brad and Will for additional incite and instruction.
It is a really beautiful video, demonstrating sensual pleasure among men of various types and ages. There is something very affirming - seeing this allows me to see myself as more sensually relevant.
Brad Amberheart
It really delights me to see how many of you enjoyed this instructional, hot, fun video. I'm glad it is having such an impact on so many of your sex lives. I get really excited about videos that can teach useful skills, while also maintaining a quality of discovery, sexiness, fun, and play. There are a lot of ways to inspire guys' sex lives. Some are instructional, and some are simply so fucking hot that the "instruction" literally gets transmitted from the hearts, bodies, and souls of the men who are in the video...to the excited men who are enjoying watching. Rest assured that even right now, we're dreaming of still more videos that inspire guys at all kinds of levels--from practical, hands-on sex skills to down-right hot sexual content. What fun!
wow this video made me think about sex in a new way
I have been celibate too long, but I remembered the calming of ya-man.

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