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Chakra Masturbation

Added: October 23, 2017 | Runtime: 13:06 | 901 views
This video is an invitation to experience a different kind of masturbation. It features Chris Harder and was filmed with the help of Jason Tantra from http://www.tantra4gaymen.com.
Recent Comments:
Interesting however I didn't even get hard...
I am familiar with chakra masturbation (see the old DVD FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN)--that's an erection producing way to present this material instead of a frantic seemingly forced performance. I am not unhappy with the result of your performance but it was too clinically cold for my taste. Impotent from surgery, I don't want to see a man who seems entrapped by a flaccidity only explainable maybe by the rules of YouTube. Is it forbidden to jack off? I know it seems petty to ask for a ejaculatorily erect penis, but witout it and yanking so, well, it pained me a bit. I joined for a year or I wouldn't say anything. I'm a practicioner of yoga and am a Zen man...and I was left saddened.
Will Tantra
I just followed along and did this exercise twice. I love this masturbation technique. It is fantastic for connecting with yourself and charging your sexual energy. Great narration and simple explanation of the chakras and demonstration by Chris of how to embody the essence of this practice. Well done to all involved in this video.
Mike Tantra
Thanks for this great instructional video. I found it really easy to follow and incorporate into my daily Kundalini yoga routine. What a wonderful and pleasurable way to activate and charge your chakras, before slipping into a deep meditation each morning!! β˜ΊπŸ•‰β€

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