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Caught In The Act

Added: November 2, 2020 | Runtime: 10:59 | 12,967 views

A lot of us use porn as a way to not just get off, but to secretly satisfy our hidden desires and kinks. Because we don’t accept these “filthy” aspects of who we are, we keep them hidden from the people around us - even those to whom we’re closest, such as lovers, long-term partners or friends. But does it need to be this way?

Even if our partners or fuckbuddies don't share our specific kinks, remember that hot sex need not mirror what we watch in porn. Instead, it can be fueled by it.

Video concept by Brad Amberheart: http://www.bradamberheart.com

Recent Comments:
So first of all another great scene on so many levels, I especially like the concept of living out the fantasies you see in your porn, with your real life partner. I can honestly say that is something that I have done on more than one occasion, and it definitely takes a person who you have experience with and feel safe with. Piss play is one of those things that i could be the recipient of if it was what my partner was into, but unfortunately I do not have the skill of pissing on demand, so can not be the initiator. one minor comment, and I thought that Davey with his borderline OCD tendencies towards cleanliness, it it probably not something i would engage with in on my kitchen table. shower, outdoors for sure. sorry Davey, i just had to get the jab in, not il will intended, I share your appreciation of all things clean and tidy. Great video and looking forward to the discussion. Billy
Davey Wavey
Haha, well - I think urine is sterile so it shouldn't be too big of an issue to try on the kitchen table. Nonetheless, we actually filmed this in an Amsterdam hotel. I suspect we weren't the first ones to piss on this table.
Great video. As a fan of piss it was nice to see, even though short, a bit of a golden shower. Unless I am wrong that is only the second video here with piss . More please
Davey Wavey
If you click on the "PISS" tag under the video, you'll see our selection of piss videos. So far, we have four videos that incorporate piss play... but we recently filmed another. Coming soon!
What a beautiful, sensual and fun scene. It was great to ride the wave of emotion of trepidation or nervousness of Bishop at being discovered to the joy and ecstasy and then fun joyfulness at the end. So satisfying.
This is really a beautiful and yet so hot scene. Gorgeous men! Love the waterfun!
I love this video. Being a big fan of piss play, and swallowing cum and piss, I hope we see more of these. Thank you for making my morning special.
Nice warm golden shower followed by creaming....
loved piss scene
mad about BISHOP accent the light perfectly dancing of the glans\cock head, His shyness and his blooming as they act out his curiosity - the laughter as Bishop orgasmed was the best video EVER - its was authentic and amazingly unexpected and I so enjoyed and delighted in the connection both men gave from other heart. Amsterdam! OH WOW! Fell in love with Bishop as a man I want to follow. He's radiant and physically the peak of adorable as a black man with body hair. I don't fall easy! I swooned for BISHOP! Truly emotionally sexually and fetish urine. My first experience was cumming on a third guy as my partner was pissing on his other shoulderand face as I came, same time. The 3rd was shocked and confused and dazed because it was kink piss and vanilla cum ejaculent and the same moment - he didn't know what to feel. It was a first suggested by partner who played into his fear - and made me as the one who was suddenly safer! It was a rocky start. Great end. My partner brought him home. And he was not into me. But as he wanted to please #1 so he really got excited about my orgasm, and being a cock to suck that was bigger then bf's so his size queen fetish was aroused. It was odd that he bonded with me in a way that he didn't expect to and had minor revulsion to #1 guy, my partner. He was struggling. In the end - the pleasure and humiliation blended. He wept and we had a great time bring him to a breakthrough in feeling his way through it. The irony and pleasure and fun of both being sacred. Both are exciting. He had a psycho-sexual breakthrough that was beautiful to witness - and support him through. HE was a body beautiful gym rat with desire for the same. I was a 'compromise'. His vulnerability, his shame, his fears, his ego, his shadow self and his piggy sexual BRING IT ON - fused into something new as an awakening. Men are deeply fascinating. Their feelings about the visual ideal with an Adonis and older man - was hard for him. He was a lookist. Sex with guys his shape size but never different. But we gave him time space and nonjudgemental place to process through the experience vs merely the ageism issue. Beauty and the Beast - we called it afterward. He saw my partner as the Beauty. { Adonis, gorgeous Metis FIrst Nations/Italian stallion} - and me as the Beast. Then he internalized both and the fusion was a gift of willingness to go into being more vulnerable and learning something. It is an invitation to embrace the fear and do it anyway. For everyone. It always takes an affinity for suspending judgment and for me: suspending fears of judgment as a 'troll'. Its been said to my face. I saw it from whence it came. No reflection on me. Just programing vs content. Aging ain't pretty. (Bette Davis) In the end - we started to see that a Double Dom with sub was the greatest liberating gift in our evolving relationship. We had become stale. And my bf upped the excitement when I was not expecting it, and open to it. He just didnt' give me a seconds warning. No room for doubt and questioning self worth. For 3 years things grew. All about evolving my curiosity, innocence, vulnerability and a tone of maintaining a safe place for people - that's intuition and empathy - fearlessly being present. I was reinventing my own self esteem vs hiding out my self loathing in a partnership. WIN WIN WIN. The ending was inevitable. I wasn't able to accept drugs in the home. Boundaries were not his thing. No dealing with moderation in anything! Up to the last few months - it was a spectacular seres of wonderful successes and creative doors were blown off the barn! I really became more excited by a range of new choices - I never knew of before. I embrace being sexually freer - and a man 20 years older than partners. Great work. Huge compliment to Himeros,TV. First date in 5 months - sober single and curious to hook up while visiting for a weekend with parents. I found a guy and we hooked up. I played the 2 plus hour sacred erotic body 6 man? video. I suggested getingt naked and watch it one long rainy afternoon. He was naked frustrated and feeling bummed out. Ready to leave asap. By the first 1\2 hour mark he was hard erect resting his head on my basket. and excited to play - But I refused him touching himself. EVER. Only permission to be watching video or using his hands on me positioned behind him. It was a huge challenge. I gave him 3 time outs. 5 minutes. 10 minutes and last arms tied - blindfolded! We decided to replay entire video - at the end - the entire workshop as a live zoom class and worked with each other, imagining other men in the room. The challenge of communication of boundaries were new for him. We have some hot spanking, chest thumping hand prints on each other. In the end - it was 5 hours - of FUN. Creating our own experience. And having a great ending I never imagined - all in play, innocence and curiosity. Davey - you knocked it out of the park with that one. I am excited to take this same experience in the future with a hookup again. And see what happens. Because it's 100% unpredictable and powerful and human a different jump start sensuality, Needs communication, consent being verbal, and the direction of things - bigger than either of us imagined. I think a live zoom online workshop would be a terrific idea. And then this? The pissing? I am totally signed into to upcoming renewal for another year. It is content with an Emotional Intelligence - and variety of body types and connectivity I have yearned for in sexual video content. You are very good with your talents and skills. Go Team Canada! I am flying my freak flag! Now if you can get Chis Salvatore - who is a AAA+sexual freedom warrior to be a facilitator of a group scene investigating kink toys piss cock growing electrical therapy his tried on himself - or as a participant - I would be OVER THE MOON! appreciate the patience you have reading this. Live in a very small village in western Canada hours north of Vancouver on Sunshine Coast. In isolation - and without sex since Dec 11 in MEXICO - a fabulous 5 weeks! - I find small rural living to be solitude and closeted for men on DL coming onto me. And drunks showing up. NOT HAPPENING. Sober or we drink together. A fun single guy - even for a one off was a dream. GREAT recreation of your workshop video and my first sex in 5 months = pricked up my LIBIDO and appreciation. Chris Salvatore - see on MARIO PODCAST - he's highly open, honest, vulnerable, creative, outgoing, talented musician, actor, model, artist and performer. He has great content on his own social media. Chris has a lot of areas of breaking boundaries that are so new I was deeply inspired by more than the piercing and inviting gorgeous blue eyes and symmetry of this beautiful man that makes him in my top 5 best content creators I respected and admired Chris after the podcast. Example: using electrical stimulation to create larger flaccid cock size. It's a little painful - he is into it, ... and the results were stunning. Compare film EATING OUT - to more recent photos online and his cock is a shower and thicker than it was years ago. Popping veins and girthy! He found a way to gain girth and length, soft and hard that could be exciting to others. I am all about modifications for experimentation. Circumumsized severely so I could not have an orgasm without minor skin fissures rips and bleeding. To foreskin changing the entire texture feel and hypersensitivity of the glans and intense sexual re-awakening. I call it my Convertible. Its foreskin fully covering glans soft. It changed my cock head colour and texture from calloused to pink moist and sensitive and smoother than before. When hard - the foreskin -from merely X tapping over top over 18 months - created a healing at 29 that gave me a sex life for the first time as a gay man. I know I am not alone. But people need to know its barbaric and dangerous with a crappy family doctor that's a butcher. And alcoholic. It was then surgery or self modification. I was successful and now want a silicon implant with amazing results to girth and length. Fast recovery time. And since I am solo in rural area - I want to play with myself even if its too big to top someone. I have me on me - solo 98% of the year. And why not? Embrace the new ideas. Hair Transplant vs Cock Modification. COCK! WINNER! Meatloaf is in the house! 8x4.5 to 10 x 7 average increase. I am conscious its' lacking girth. And it's about making the penis I want to celebrate - it's not about what others think. They don't live in rural areas where it's me, the dog - HIMEROS and a dozen Grindr requests and 1/50 maybe are sober and decent guys. Sad and true. But the long distance guys who really want to play are incredible. This is Prime Dom Role Play Sexual Warrior experience being wasted! Bring me a clean man with a dirty mind and an open lustful heart! Then clean him up and show him to my tent.

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