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Buttplay Bliss

Added: August 3, 2017 | Runtime: 02:19 | 11,501 views
Calvin Banks demonstrates a pleasurable anal stimulation technique for you to try at home. Buttplay Bliss is inspired by Assplay Assficionado Brad Leaf Amberheart. Learn more about Brad at his website: http://bradamberheart.com/ Those of us who have discovered our assholes have discovered a gem. More and more men of all orientations have re-directed their attention to the base chakra—the very root of our existence. Our ass is a place which holds onto shame, guilt… even existential fears such as survival instincts or fears of losing everything. All in all, the butt is of fundamental importance in any man’s pleasure practice, so here are a few pointers to get you started: HYGEINE It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the main reason a lot of guys are afraid of assplay is because of fears over cleanliness. This is easy to remedy! Take a shower! You don’t really need any special equipment to clean your ass good enough for some wonderful self-pleasure. All you really need is some of your favorite lube. Play with your wonderful butt while you take a nice, soapy shower. Cherish, love, and honor this wonderful pleasure center. Anal douching, while not absolutely necessary, is stimulating, calming, and good for your overall health! LUBRICANT There are a lot of good lubes on the market. The best lubes for assplay fun are ones which bear a paste-like consistency. PROSTATE FUN You don’t have to have any special equipment to enjoy touching your own magical G-Spot. In fact, your well-lubed middle finger is a perfect tool for exploring yourself from the inside-out. Before inserting any other devices into your butt, explore for yourself, and feel things out! If you lie on your back with your knees bent toward your belly, the best way to reach your prostate is to lube your butt and insert your middle finger, palm-up (toward your balls), and explore until you find the magic spot. Usually, when you reach your prostate, your finger will have been inserted to the second joint. CELEBRATE This is an ecstatic practice, which can stir up a lot of excitement! As you become friends with your ass, you’ll be able to access more and more potent, life-giving FUN! Be sure to shout for joy while you do it. Say the words, out loud, that excite you! Put on the music you life… slow down and meditate with nature sounds, or… rev up your engines and revitalize yourself! Your intention is what matters most.
Recent Comments:
Finally someone is talking about the exploration and sensations you can feel with your butt hole. I know and love the feeling when nerve endings spark with just a little attention and imagination. Such a good way to get prepared for the joining of two bodies. Thank you for the beautiful introduction.
Discovering the pleasure that fingering the gateway and penetrating it, finding and massaging the prostate....
La video ne dure que 2mn, est-ce normal ?
Very sexual Thanks a Lot x
want my fingers inside his sexy hole please !!

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