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Brotherhood Reflected

Added: May 31, 2021 | Runtime: 10:19 | 33,929 views

Why not create our own sex parties that double as opportunities for us to create as sense of brotherhood with ourselves and our closest friends, or even new friends? In so doing, we bring sex out of the shadows and hold it in community, thereby enhancing our experiences of humanity, pleasure, and connection. We can even create our own “themes” and intentions. Use a consciously created sex party as a way to uphold each other’s hopes, wishes, and witness ourselves. We bring a sense of ceremony and ritual to our everyday lives!

In this sex party, each guy jerks off onto a mirror and then uses his finger to draw a word or symbol in his ejaculate.

Video concept by Finn Deerhart: http://www.finndeerhart.com

Recent Comments:
Beautifully photographed. Love the nipple sucking/biting.
Davey, Finn. The message I got from this video was a group of like minded buddies getting together and sharing some intimate brotherhood love between them. A bonding experience between the guys. The sucking and love making was passionate. I really liked the way the two guys at the end were really helping the one guy to get off by sucking his nipple and caressing his balls. The heart shapes they drew on the mirror expressed to me the bonding and love between them. It was a hot scene but also a loving scene at the same time. I did not recognize the guy who ejaculated last. It is nice to see a group of guys bonding and enjoying their bodies this way. I would have loved to have been in place of the guy who ejaculated last. It was hot but loving at the same time. I hope you guys never run out of these nice concepts to produce.
Now that was hot AF and intense. Great video.
Damn. This video deserves an award; OMG, the cinematography is off the hook. This is my new favorite video. Damn; this is so damn, hot.
The mirror with friends is a brilliant idea.
No, I didn’t like it. Too artsy fartsy to be erotic. And seeing all those upside down guys was disorienting. Good cum shots though.
I like the concept because I regret how reluctant so many of us are to enjoy sex with friends. To me the intimacy of friendship can extend quite organically to sexual intimacy. I understand that friendships can be damaged by sex, but I think this happens when people give it too much power.
I found this video to be exceptionally erotic. The three-way "spit roast" is a favorite scenario for me and this staging was beautifully done. I can see how it might be disorienting, but I found the shooting of much of the scene through its reflection in the mirror interesting and engaging. I wasn't put off by it at all. I also loved how Gabriel held on to his topness after fucking was done and the other guys started servicing him. I found the power dynamic very consistent and satisfying.
Another great video. Any video with Gabriel is a home run for me. I really enjoyed the group sex. I loved with Gabriel drew a heart with cum!!!
Vive la confrèrie!
This was an exciting video but I had some trouble following it. As a senior my vision is not great but it raised my blood pressure in a good way! It brings back some great memories of exciting encounters!

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