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Bonus: Windom Gold & Vance - Himeros Amateurs

Added: November 21, 2019 | Runtime: 08:41 | 8,424 views

For the month of November, we're excited to share an extra BONUS video each Thursday to celebrate Himeros.tv's second anniversary. These bonus videos are in addition to the weekly Monday video, and they are part of a project that we're calling Himeros Amateurs.

Himeros Amateurs is a special project wherein we've asked some of our favorite Himeros.tv models and personalities to re-create one of their favorite Himeros.tv scenes. These videos embrace the low production values and heightened authenticity of amateur content - and give us a real look at real sex between actual lovers. The idea is to see how Himeros.tv videos can be applied to real life.

In this video, Windom Gold and his boyfriend Vance recreate a Himeros.tv video called Glory Holed.

Recent Comments:
Fuck Yes! I just love hot bathroom sex. Great camera work, really felt like we were all packed in there having a perve!
great hot video . these bonuses are terrific, and Himeros continues to develop its high quality and meaningful contribution showing how actual men connect. But like the two preceding amateur videos, this every 2 minutes and had to reload it. i hope you can fix that.
That first guy’s orgasm was fantastic...I’m spent!
I've enjoyed playtime in gym shower stalls--a lot of hot action!
Wowzah, instant fan of those two hot fuckers, Vance and Windom. Hope they peed on each other as well. ;)
So hot! What a wonderful video, it’s like I was there watching in the t room.
As an older man this was like a lot of my sensual contacts even if it was illegal. I envy younger gay men and the freedom they enjoy.

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