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Bonus: The Kiss

Added: November 26, 2020 | Runtime: 08:04 | 6,245 views

As a Thanksgiving bonus in addition to our weekly videos, I'm excited to share this short video - where kissing is front and center.

A Tantric sex coach told us, “I hear a lot of men say that their favorite part of sex is kissing.”

Why then, does almost every porn or erotic film focus so heavily on everything else? Kissing is often presented as just a step on the pathway to acts deemed more explicit.

In this video, we’ll show some of those other acts - the sucking and cumming - but the level of intimacy we’re portraying will always link back to the pure potency and passion of lip to lip connection. Everything else is just details.

The two main principles to be demonstrated for hotter kissing are breathe and surrender. The video highlights the contrast between hungry passion and deep, slow intimate breathing, eye contact and sumptuous, savory kisses.

As a game to try at home, take turns being the giver and the recipient of a kiss. Kisser: Kiss the man like you like to be kissed. Recipient: Completely relax your lips and practice being a FULL recipient. Now switch roles.

Now, do the same exercise a second time. This time, now that your partner has already kissed you once in the way he loves to be kissed, kiss him back in that same way.

Look deeply into your lover’s eyes while kissing him. See if you can notice a softening and relaxation sensation around the area of your heart while you drink in each other’s sweet, luscious kiss.

Breathe deeply and slowly and fully while you kiss. See if you can slow down your breath to the pace of gentle swells on a calm ocean. It’s always fun to take note of the contrast between the speed of your heart and the speed of your breath. No matter how passionately you feel for this man and how much you’re ready to jump his bones, feel what it’s like to consciously slow down your breath and give space between your passionate face-loving.

Video concept by Brad Amberheart: http://www.breadamberheart.com

Recent Comments:
For me passionate kissing is reserved for someone I love or deeply care for. Passionately kissing someone I care deeply for is such an emotional experience for me. It makes the love making so special and personal. Two people with feelings for each other expressing those feelings of intimacy through kissing is just a wonderful experience. I actually like for us to hold and caress each other's penises during a portion of the kissing. It just brings the passionate experience together. And when I ejaculate it floods the mind and body with all of these endorphins and emotions that leaves me in a euphoric state. For me these feelings are not obtained with just a casual encounter.
It ended too soon, long cummy kisses after cumming on a guy are the best.
I could spend hours exploring a man’s mouth and having him explore mine.
Such a great display of intimacy here between two beautiful men. Cumming on his lover's face followed by passionate kissing...and sharing that cum during that kiss!
If I am rock hard after watching these men kiss for a few minutes, it’s hard for me to understand why neither one of them seems all that aroused.
Davey Wavey
Despite mainstream porn conditioning us to think otherwise, I'd love to remind viewers that hard cocks are not the only measure of arousal.
I agree with all of the comments above, and for me not being a good kisser, and by that I mean being compatible, in the way you like to kiss and receive a kiss, is a deal breaker. I am willing to ty and connect with a guy more than once though kissing even if we appear to be non compatible, but if they are not willing to try and change to be compatible, "thank-you next." Part of kissing is giving what they want, but also receiving what you want, and with guys that it happens with, well those are the rare ones that are worth investing time in. Just my thoughts. Thanks for the bonus, and hope you had a good Thanksgiving.
<long sigh...> Very nice. One of those really good-touchy-feely videos through passionate kissing. Thanks for the Bonus.
Great bonus vid! I love the kind of soft music and visuals that can serve as a background for my own intimate play.
Listen to what Davey tells you Sexysr because it is 100% true. A rock hard cock is not always needed for sexual enjoyment. There is more involved in the process than just your cock. Your brain which is your real sexual organ, your state of mind, mood and environment all plays a part. Also watching sex is different from participating. I too get rock hard when watching erotic material. But in real life it can sometimes be different. And also you can get a great deal of pleasure from your cock when you are only partially erect and for that matter when almost flaccid. It is all in how you you feel about it. If you look at a lot of Davey's videos with Brad and Jallen two sex coaches, they are not always rock hard in the videos but they are having a damn good time. Also Davey has a video with two older guys, I can't think of the name where one of the guys has a handicap. One guy never gets a hardon but he is enjoying being with his partner and they both are having a very good time together. A penis can feel good in any state of arousal and if it feels good whether hard, semi hard or soft, that is good sex. I get a lot of sensations in my cock when I am just slightly semi aroused. It all feels good. And one last thing, you can ejaculate in just a semi state of arousal.
Beautiful and most sensual! Thanks, Davey, for another touching vid. And a shout out to Xavier949: Totally agree with you!
Beautiful! This did it for me, my compliments.
Thanks for this. I love, love, love kissing. I think I'm a good kisser and I really enjoy being with another good kisser. Really turns me on.
the attribution is http://www.bradamberheart.com and not http://www.breadamberheart.com
Scintillating, off-the-charts, too-hot for this early in the a.m.
Very sensual video- I could feel totally aroused by both these men
yes - more like this one!

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