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Bonus: Shower Time

Added: August 19, 2022 | Runtime: 16:45 | 19,102 views

In this playful bonus video, the men on Himeros.tv's Hawaii retreat enact a scene in which John thinks his fur is being shaved. Fear not, no fur was harmed in the creation of this video.

Video concept by Brad Amberheart: http://www.bradamberheart.com

Recent Comments:
Man, that was hot, sweet, sensitive, loving with a bit of playful trickery all wrapped up together. I just love the deep moaning and growling between these two masculine men. They bring out the raw masculine beast in me.
It's nice to have some guys that aren't "pretty boys" in a scene. Two normal looking guys.
Another thing I would like to thank you for is demonstrating that you don't have to have a rock hard cock to enjoy sexual play. A semi hard cock and even a soft cock is capable of all kinds of sensual pleasure. I use to get frustrated if I didn't always have a super hard cock until I realized through your and others videos it is normal to not alway have a hard cock. Thank you again for showing that.
Have to admit my surprise at the turn of events. What starts out as two eager lovers in a shower suddenly became a quasi-domination scenario. Blindfold, restraints with two additional assistants brought into it. Mustachioed dude bears striking resemblance to British actor Ben Whishaw. I was very cool with that. Then the shaving cream being unwantedly applied all over the furry body presented yet another erotic aspect. Only then to have my hopes dashed that no hair was actually removed. You should consider that for a future episode. Playing in fur then sanguine to smooth skin is very sensual for him being shaved, and us to watch. Be sure to include the pubic hair. Your tantra expert would probably have to instruct the shaving actor on proper technique to prevent cutting but the visual images would be very arousing. Wish the assistants had more action and involvement. For the most part they were window dressing at a distance from across the room. So, my reaction is only mediocure. Sorr for that.
It's nice to have my own body stare back at me.
Agree with Oldreader, above.

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