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Blue: Ride Me Like Waves

Added: June 12, 2023 | Runtime: 15:40 | 28,822 views

This scene delves into multiple shades of blue as they relate to human emotion, with the feelings the models express transforming from cold and detached to invigorating and nurturing.

There is an element of vulnerability in how these models interact—in how they may start off with a perceived distance which transforms into a warmer, calmer, more creative blue. The intention is to portray how honoring vulnerability can allow us to dive deeper into an even more throbbing state of sexual pleasure rooted in pure authenticity. The models come to embody a sense of union through the power of the erotic, riding the waves of pleasure as they develop from a seemingly cold and distant place.

Video concept by Matthew Shur.

Recent Comments:
Sounds really hot! Looking forward to this one.
I'm not convinced that the video pulls off what the description promises, namely the exploration of emotional "blue." Nonetheless, the videography is interesting, the use of blue intriguing even apart from the intention of exploring moods. The sudden change at the beginning stretches credibility, but I realize that it is a screenplay after all, not a novel or even a novella or short story. The real gift of this is the verbal intimacy of the partners, which lands on me as totally authentic, lovely, genuinely human. Nico's arresting repetition of the word "grateful" is a jewel not often found in the world of porn, which once again accentuates the uniqueness of Himeros' work. Restraint on the part of Nico who in fact takes over the lead in his partner Tanner's script flips the trite expectations of "top" and "bottom" into something far more subtile. Congratulations to both these men for good acting and the arousing bonus of copious saliva and semen.
Love this... the intense way both guys interact...
As a long time Himeros devotee, I have many favorite scenes, many with Nico and Tanner. But this may be at the top of the list and these amazing men have really outdone themselves. And as the active partner, Tanner is just totally amazing. This is so intimate, really beautiful, authentic, mega-erotic, and more. Their talking and the close up photography and blue light combine to make the viewer feel like he’s been permitted to go someplace very private. Thanks to Nico and Tanner for letting us share their hot elemental most intimate experience together. Extraordinary
Ok, so it's a blue movie.
I really enjoyed this movie. The care that the lovers expressed for each other is rare in the world of porn. The moaning and talking back and forth was really hot. Nico and Tanner really did a great job of letting the viewer in on their intimacy. I'm very glad that I joined Himeros and I say "more like this"!
Amazing video on so many levels. Beautiful, intimate, Sexy, sexy, very real with wonderful nastiness. Nico and Tanner are extraordinary, bravo bravo

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