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Behind The Scenes: Benny Blazin

Added: December 3, 2021 | Runtime: 05:12 | 6,809 views
Through this extra bonus content, Benny Blazin discusses his journey into porn while on set for Himeros.tv's "The Brotherhood" collection.
Recent Comments:
Very much looking forward to the new release in the not too distant future. I so enjoy how Himeros goes way above and beyond simple porn. There is so much to be learned here then just cocks and sex.
Thanks for doing these behind the scenes videos Davey and Crew. They provide an expansive lens of who the actors are in the scenes which we watch. It is much appreciated.
Thank you Himeros Team for creating this video
I love these behind the scene videos. Benny, indeed you are so much more than a fetish! You’re a beautiful man with an incredible story of survival that has grown in to a thriving lifestyle! Keep believing in you!

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