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Behind The Scenes: Drew Dixon

Added: October 30, 2021 | Runtime: 07:00 | 19,620 views
Through this extra bonus content, Drew Dixon discusses his journey into porn while on set for Himeros.tv's upcoming "The Brotherhood" collection.
Recent Comments:
wow... thank you for opening yourself up and sharing... I was a fan before but even more of one now
Remarkable story!!! That intense vulnerability shows power and determination. Drew has been in my “top of the list” category for the past few years. Fun guy to watch.😍
Even though he is hot and has great scenes I have generally not liked Drew, and until now never quite knew why. Having see this video is heart warming because now I can see that what I perceived and didnt like was that wall he had around him. I'm touched by his candor and heart, which makes him a compelling person to me now. Thanks for that.
I asked Jeeves to find porn for the first time too!
Thanks for being so vulnerable Drew, and thanks for recording Davey and Crew. Looking forward to seeing more of you Drew on Himeros.

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